Earlier Problems have Partial Solution

A couple of days ago I reported that the Nov 9th update caused problems swapping and dropping weapons on the PC. It seems that to Drop weapons you now hit ‘Q’ rather than ‘X’ on PC keyboard even though the weapon inventory screen (‘I’ on keyboard) still says use ‘X’. Thanks to rumanchu for this.
Similarly you can no longer drag and drop weapons in the inventory. However if you click on a weapon (or hit return) you get the green arrows on the weapon. Then click on the place you want it dropped and it transfers. What a cumbersome way to exchange weapons. Why the Dev’s can’t let people know these dreadful changes were going to happen.
Finally the white Backpack icon at the top of the Active weapons list must be the biggest pain in the history of gaming. What purpose does it serve other than taking 2 or 3 times more to return to the game.