Early acces pack borderlands 3

If you complete a quick survey on the borderlands 3 web page they give you a early acces pack that includes an echo skin, a CoV weapon and 5 Golden keys, now I preordered the game through epic so I have to wait until September 13 to play the game, to get the early pack, do you have to login 14 days after or before September 13?

Within 14 days from launch is my understanding.

What survey was it? Don’t see anything there.

It’s part of the VIP Rewards scheme that has been rolled out as part of the pre-launch promotion. Probably not too late to get in on the action.

i’m in there since the first day, i think. But dont’t see THAT special survey.

Wouldn’t know - I never signed up. But there are plenty of posts about it: pre-order the game, complete the survey, get stuff. The following and the post immediately below it should help you find the thing:

Ah, just the regular VIP pre order stuff. Got that, thanks.

Ok, thanks for the answer :grinning:

I pre-ordered BoarderLands3 on Epic Game Store and Just Did the " Claim Your Pre-order Reward" on BorderLands.com and I have not received the Early Adopter Pack!!!
Children of the Vault Weapon
Echo Device Skin
5 Gold Keys

Please Advise!!