Early Access Patch (Build ID #3703355)

(Noelle) #1

A patch for Risk of Rain 2 Early Access is going live today, April 3rd, 2019!

This patch is to address critical bugs and issues we’ve seen in the first week, among some minor balance changes. Below is a full list of the changes included in this patch, or you can visit our Knowledge Base or Discord!

If you experience any issues regarding the update, or in general, please contact support.gearboxsoftware.com .

====Gameplay Changes ====
Prismatic Trials
○ Add Friends-Only Leaderboard
○ Update Global Leaderboard to be around your current position in the Leaderboard

○ Reduce base movement speed from 9 to 7 to match all other Survivors
○ Reduce base damage from 12 to 11
○ Increase Transport Mode speed boost from 200% to 220% to compensate for his lost base movement speed.
We really really don’t like to nerf characters in general - these are very light touches, and the movement speed being higher was an oversight. We also want to make sure that MUL-T’s big success isn’t coming from its ability to abuse Ocular HUD for infinite crits.

Imp Overlord
○ Remove passive regen
○ Increase base damage from 13 to 16
The boss fight was a big of a slog if you had lower DPS because of the boss’ natural regen. Higher damage should make the boss fight more intense.

○ Add slight rim glow
○ Increase teleporter passive particle radius from 38 to 60. Increase particle count so density remains the same.
A lot of players are having issues finding the Teleporter. Players are starting to notice the passive particles indicating the teleporter is around - we will try increasing the radius to see if it helps. The rim glow will help distinguish it from identically colored surfaces. This is intended to be a fairly big change - if it turns out we jumped the gun and the community was simply learning, we can approach a middle ground.

==== Bug Fixes ====
• Corrupted save files no longer prevent the game from initializing past the first splash screen. We will continue to figure out why exactly they are being corrupted in the first place.
• Refactor Multiplayer connection setup to be more stable - hopefully less weird half-states on connecting to other players.
• Selecting the “Quit to Menu” pause menu option from the Prismatic trials no longer temporarily shows the main menu.
• Engineering Perfection challenge can no longer be completed by starting 30 levels without finishing them.
• Environment logs now count towards the 10 logs challenge.
• Equipment - Royal Capacitor now requires line of sight to use.
• When playing with a controller, pressing the confirm button at the main menu will no longer choose the last option that was hovered onto.
• Revert button text now properly becomes highlighted when functional.
• The Mercenary is now properly targeted by enemies after he uses a non-primary skill.
• Multiplayer: Characters no longer come back to life after dying in a multiplayer game, leaving it and joining it back.
• Monster Tooth: The Monster Tooth healing orbs heal amount now match the description.
• Multiplayer: Acquired Items now properly show up in the Item bar or the Info Screen after leaving a multiplayer game and joining it back.
• Names can no longer extend beyond the profile text box in the main menu
• Large profile names can no longer overlap the Back button and run off of the screen
• The Enter Quickplay button of the Multiplayer Menu no longer needs to be pressed twice to start searching a lobby when using a controller.
• Holding the Primary Skill Button down while activating Ocular HUD and shooting with Mul-T Auto-Nailgun no longer deals infinite critical damage.
• Back button in Prismatic Trials’ character select no longer returns you to the main menu
• Falloff models for delayed blast attacks (Titan Fist, Ice Affix Death, Willowisp) are now properly assigned. This may cause them to do more damage than before.
• Quickplay launch time is now properly Time Zone independent

==== QOL ====
• Error messages now tell you when the host is shut down
• Remove collision from Teleporter nub to prevent monsters getting stuck


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(Cameronschultze) #2

Please consider buffing other characters rather than nerfing. I would love to have diverse team comps to play with my friends but all other characters just feel way to weak.


(DaveJabo) #3

I was wondering if you also fixed Mul-T being able to continuously do elemental damage (after gaining a power through Wake of Vultures) with his Auto-Nailgun?

I’m assuming it would be fixed because of the Ocular HUD fix.

Thanks for the amazing game so far! Can’t wait to see more additions!


(Guimercon) #4

Artificer’s Flamethrower and Ice Wall become too unreliable late game in my opinion. It would be nice to get a revamp, since I really like the concept of the charactear as it stands but it gets pretty hard as the game goes with no range/mobility :confused:

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(Shock_Tart) #5

Merc needs to be buffed. Either movement or attack speed. At the moment he is almost unplayable for how slow he is.


(Jack5500) #6

Would it be possible to add that the sprinting does not cancel out after SHIFTing? I.e. the with the huntress, who has a forward moving skill, it really breaks your movement flow. Just a suggestion, thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t think Mercenary is bad at all but there are some quality of life buffs he could use.

  • Whirlwind shouldn’t cancel sprint
  • Blinding assault shouldn’t cancel sprint
  • Whirlwind, especially aerial version, could use a slightly bigger hitbox in every direction
  • It would be nice if his basic attack, especially the 3rd hit, had a bigger hitbox upwards