Early Access Patch (Build ID #3961583)


This is a bug fix patch to address critical issues that came up in the first week of Scorched Acres. This patch explicitly does NOT contain balance fixes, since we want to make sure players have enough time to figure out new strategies and preferences with the new content.

=== Gameplay Changes ===

  • Fuel Array

    • Increase damage of Fuel Array’s explosion from 100% of your health to 300% of your health

    • Fuel Array no longer pierces armor

    • Add new graphics to Fuel Array to clarify that it is not a Sticky Bomb

  • Grovetender

    • Reduce horizontal jump distance to reduce chance he yotes himself off the stage
  • Misc

    • Blood Shrines now take into account shields and barriers to make it more consistent

    • Reduce maximum number of overlay effects (burning, shielded, glass, etc) to 6 from 8 for performance

=== Bug Fixes ===

  • Fix Mercenary’s Blinding Assault sometimes having double cooldowns

  • Hitting Immune characters or blocked attacks no longer applies on-hit effects

    • This is especially important for Mercenary, who was previously recieving debuffs like burning and malachite poisoning while Immune
  • Immune characters can no longer block “armor piercing” health costs (Blood Shrines, REX abilities)

  • Fix Tonic Affliction reducing maximum health and also applying curse health reduction on top of it

  • Improve performance on REX’s entangle graphics

  • Fix execute threshold for being frozen showing up on player healthbars

  • Fix high overlay counts causing monsters and players to go pink and invisible

  • Fix the Artificer’s Oculur HUD being stretched

  • Fix typos and formatting errors

Thanks again for everyone’s enthusiasm in our new content update. We’re very happy with the reception and are excited for our next content updates to come!

You can all now go back to stacking guillotines :slight_smile: