Early Adopter Pack Help

So I was going through my rewards and I noticed that I am missing my early adopter pack. I preordered from the ps store just like my friends.

My friends have three check marks on their Legendary Maliwan weapon “quest”. The weapon quest states that the COV reward weapon from the early adopter pack counts towards the total. My friends did not get any gear apart from the weaponizer lottery ones.

Can anyone confirm that the early adopter pack should have shown up with the welcome pack when I created my VIP account? And if so why am I missing it from my reward history?


Do the Survey in Activities section.

Thanks for the reply. The survey has a checkmark on it and when I click on it, all the answers are filled out already and I cannot readjust the answers.


Super strange but as soon as I complained about it, it fixes itself. I did the survey back in May and now it says I did it today after checking my answers.
Thank you :slight_smile:

So I also pre ordered did the survey for the preorder but I haven’t received the check mark for the VIP rewards anyone know how to fix that? I need that the free spin for season 3 and I have enough points to get the other four checks. Any help would be appreciated.