Early Adopter Pack Not showing

I’m eligible for Early Adopter Pack but its not appearing in my reward profile neither in the in-game mail is it normal ?.. I pre-ordered the game and filled the VIP survey on step 2… how do i get it ? i dont understand.

i just recieved it thx

I’m having the same issue - did it just take a bit to get resolved or was there something else?

Same issue

same issue

Tossing my hat in, having the same issue.

I’m having the same issue aswell as the golden weapons not showing up. Has anyone found a solution

Got the email earlier and checked my inventory when I logged in. Still nothing.

me 2

I’m curious as well, did it just take a while to show up? Like maybe I have to relaunch the game multiple times?

you need to finish the vip steps, connect your shift account in game and play the game. received it 1 hour after posted this

Just got the email, account is linked already but still haven’t received anything yet. Gearbox is dropping the ball badly with these rewards. Not surprised though, I still haven’t received my Borderlands 2 VIP rewards. SMH :roll_eyes:

when you get the email it doesnt go in you inventory. You have to go to a quick change station and everything should be there if you took the email

Haven’t tried that yet. Is that for the B3 rewards?

It’s this one that’s not showing up. I’ve done everything to receive it, just haven’t received it yet

I got the same issue here.
Received the mail yesterday, but no rewards up untill now…


I hadn’t received my Early Adopter items yet (so I thought), even though I received my email last week. I finally found them.

*Pause your game and go to Social
*Use whatever button on your controller to go to the Icon that looks like a letter (RB on Xbox, not sure what on PS4)
*Boom, there are your Early Adopter items. Hit your Accept button on each mail item. You will have to hit the Accept button on the Golden Keys mail item 5x to get all the keys.

Hope this helps everyone else that might come here looking for their stuff.

Same issue as well, please fix

I didn’t even get an email (or even in-game mail) regarding the EAP, yet I’ve been playing the game since day 1 of its release.