Early adopter pack

I will be in basic training 14 days before Bl3 comes out but i would really like to obtain the early adopter pack. I have prepurchased, is there any way around this?

Could you get a friend or family member to log into the game on your account for you whilst you are away?

I wish mate. Only family I have near my PS4 is a grandma and that would be pulling teeth to explain. I guess if it’s my only option though.

Couldn’t you get someone to do it from their PS4 on your account, though?

Sadly all my friends own Xbox. Probably just gonna have to let a friend borrow it for a while. Thanks for the help though

Don’t you need to log in within 14 days AFTER it is released? Might make a difference for you (not sure, though).

Wait so you wont be able to play 14 days after release? Bummer

Ya that’s what I meant, my bad. And yea i know i’m shipping at the worst time. Won’t be able to play till August.

At least all the bugs will be worked out by then. Perhaps even some DLC to play too.
From one generation of soldier to another, keep your head down and your ass covered. Godspeed.

Thanks man, that is the bright side haha!

How can you play in August if the game doesn’t releases until September?!

August 2020 :wink:

LOL, basic training doesn’t last that long! It’s only nine weeks!

Idk, I saw that post and wanted to ask the same question as you.

I mean, I got it just logging into the site today for some reason, I haven’t even been able to play yet lol