Early backdoor meta

It’s well know some characters can go for your sentries at lv 1 on Incursion mode. And yes, you can counter that.

But some times I see a entire closed team going for it with 2 supports and some ranged damage dealer. (I saw already a Montana with Miku and Reyna and in another match a Kleese with Benedict, Ghalt and Thorn).

You can still counter if you have a full team and ranged, because melees are weak at lv 1 (without Miku). So is this intended? It’s a 99% chance of winning against a team of solo players or melees. A Rath can do something about it, but he needs his ultimate and by level 5 you already lost. If you are simple playing the game and trying new characters you can’t beat this.

I like the backdoor strategy and I’m not against it, but I believe it’s needs a nerf for early game. Something like: The first sentry shield is invunerable against players unless there is a minion attacking it. After the first shield is down, backdoor is free and for both team, so now you have a chance to attack back. And with that you have a chance to level up your melees and gears to counter the backdoor and the game became more about holding the lane and the pushing until you can use backdoor.


Early backdoor doesn’t work if you have the Thumper up and the lane minions cleared (OP thumper slow with no minions to take the aggro) especially early game where players can’t push much. To have the shield down that fast, it’s because the team messed up so bad on minion clearning. To really backdoor without caring much about minions, you need to be about level 5 or 6 by then which is already mid-game.

Your base gives you about 500-700 shards on a single person every 30 seconds depending on which route you take to get to the first sentry on Overgrowth. You can use that to buy the stinger or upgrade the thumper to make it impossible to just backdoor early game.

Melee are actually perfectly capable of early game especially if the enemies backdoor. They are weak in the lane because most of the task require them to overextend and the enemies will just snipe them over and over from the high ground spot. This is kinda why most of them are forced to buy structure to level if they’re not getting kills.

The enemies lose all those advantages pressuring the melees if they backdoor early. I have seen a few group try to do this and if you simply send one or two people to flank before rushing in, you can easily wipe the whole group trying to backdoor because they have nowhere to go and they’re clumping together in tight space, perfect for CC like Kelvin stun or Rath knock up.


I see, nice strategy. Gonna try this next time. Thanks

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If it makes it even easier, check the enemy comp and how they’re backdooring.

The 2 sup 1 carry comp is very popular but chars like Reyna won’t be able to help much if you go for AoE fight in the small zone.

If it’s something like Ambra Miko, the heal will be huge but they will be low on damage, You can easily have someone constantly quick melee a person back into the fight and not let them escape to cut them from surviving with the heal and run. This is one of the best think flanking provide, a way to cut off the enemy escape.

Kleese takes ages before he can set up his shop so if they’re trying to backdoor with a kleese, you will have a higher chance of success if you flank early because Kleese is REALLY WEAK pre-4 where his shops can easily become 3x as powerful and prevent all melee from acting.