Early level Axton, what do?

I’ve seen some Axton gameplay but really have no clue what I’m doing. Can we come up with some ideas to go from level 1 to UVHM level 61, thank you my dudes! :slight_smile:

I personally take my first 5 points in preparation, then choose sentry, ready, scorched earth, impact, metal storm/expertise, longbow turret, and then up to you. That’s roughly what the guide says.

Okay I’m writing a mini guide.

6-10: Preparation - awesome passive healing skill
21 - Sentry and Ready are no brainers, Scorched Earth tears up NVHM and TVHM
22-26: Impact
27-31: 1 or 2 in Expertise, the remainder in Metal Storm
32: Longbow Turret, mandatory Axton skill on any build

If you’re good (I’m not) you can probably skip Preparation like that guide says, but I hate not having it.


This may also help.

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Thank you my dude

That guide wasn’t really my guide I’m just the poster. It isn’t finished and may not be anytime soon.