Early pick up for those who pre-ordered from Gamestop

When paying off the pre-order for my Loot Chest Edition the other day, I chatted a bit with the ladies working the store. They informed me, that due to many children being involved in gaming, and the strain it puts on some employee’s, Gamestop will not be doing a Midnight Release. Apparently too many parents and employees complained about how late it was for a midnight release. They change their policy to release at closing, rather than midnight. So, they are releasing the game to the public around 9pm on Thursday September 12th.

this means we get BL3 three hours early!!!
Keep in mind, this is what the employees of MY local Gamestop told me. It may not be this way with every store, so call your local GS, and see whats up. You may be able to get the game early.

For the same answer at my gamestop, without the why. 9:01 pickup, but your drive home and 40 gig Download, I don’t think 'll be playing early. . Plus by my interpretation of The game release info map from gearbox looks like I coulda been playing at 11PM local… .but that download time is gonna kill m e.

Fortunately, I live less than 5min away from my GS. The install time on 40GB, is a bitch though. But, its better than getting it at midnight and having to install!! :slight_smile:

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you can install on digital 48 hours early

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Here is the announcement where it states digital will be able to pre-download 48 hours early

The “needed space” didn’t change to 75 GB?

Pre-Download just means you can download and install, right?

As in when the clock hits 12, you can start playing because it’s already downloaded and installed. I don’t think it means you can download and start playing 48 hours early.

If you live on the west coast you can get digital 3 hours early as well. Pacific time gets the game at 9 PM.

Same thing for EB Games in Canada, I asked and they said 9pm realease for physical copies bought there

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This seems to be the plan for all the international Gamestop variants too. I know a few of the UK Game shops are doing the same.
From 9pm GMT.

I pre-ordered from Best Buy and they are releasing at 9 also.

So, if I get home by 9:30pm can I start playin the Borderlands immediately after installing it?

I pre ordered from the 2k store(physically) when will I receive the package if it’s being sent to my doorstep?

On the west coast (best coast) game will be active at 9pm. Not sure about the other time zones.

Despite any bonuses or goodies you might get from pre-ordering a physical copy of a game, the ability to pre-load in itself, is enough incentive for me to continue to buy digital. Top it off with no need to have the disc in the console to play, and I will never buy physical copies again.

Physical games are approaching the spot that physical newspapers were in like 10 years ago, where you had traditionalists exclaiming that they would never give up their newspaper! Fast forward to now, and depending where you live, the newspaper is little more than a relic.

I’m a physical games guy, but I have to admit that this generation of consoles requiring you to install games anyway has made it less convenient than when you could just pop a disc in and play.

On the other hand, having discs means I can still play my games that have been taken off digital marketplaces.

but a digital download is essentially the same as a physical disk - it is data saved onto a physical medium. Save your digital download to an external HDD or a flash drive, and you can access it the same.

Yeah I’ve actually been looking at getting a hard drive expansion for my Xbox. Seems like a good investment.

I also just like having a collection. Sometimes I’ll see a game on my shelf and just decide to pull it down and play it. A lot of people say they don’t have room for physical media, but I just keep investing in new shelves. :sweat_smile:

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With the size of games today, having an external HDD is a necessity. I have a 2TB drive. Also, eventually I think physical games will become a niche medium, reserved mainly for collectors/enthusiasts, with the majority going digital.

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Physical Media guy right here. I understand they are going the way of the Dodo, but I like the idea of having a disc in case I ever need to reinstall it, or put it on another console, and internet/xbox live isn’t an option. As long as I have that disc and my console, I can play. Hard drives fail, and data can get corrupted. Discs to not fail or corrupt.

As a Network systems analyst/engineer, I have little trust for hard drives. This is why we make a bazillion backups. Ah…the things I’ve seen. lol

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