Early start to 70s trading

I will be looking for a cracked sash, I have in trade , saved my jack o cannon key. or something in trade that I know I will have … nothing out of the question , but I know that I will “NEED” a cracked sash. it holds a spot for 4 of my toons

Is there anything special about the Cracked Sash? I thought it was basically the equivalent of a purple Tediore shield.

not exactly . nothing too great. but its great for those shield depleted / shield full skills .

no a cracked sash isn’t superior to purple tediore shields, they have identical stats and tediore shields can have an elemental immunity

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so? anybody?

You should check out the “Naught” shield. It is just like the cracked sash but has no recharge delay at all

have it still need cracked sash

I am still looking for a. 98 cracked sash, I have more than enough to trade for it hit me up

I think I have one, I could use some of the new legendaries if you have those

yeah ive got it now . but this is still a trade-ish thread, let me know what youre looking for .

I could really use any new legendary level 70 weapon as a base to grind stuff from

also I checked and it is .98 delay

hit me up tonight after mid night eastern, I can help. gt rebornhellspawn