Early Surrender/Leaving Matches

So, this is something I’ve noticed with MOBAs in general, and even though Battleborn is kinda MOBA lite with more emphasis on ‘shooter’, I still see it a lot here. Now, I know my stance on this topic may not be the most common, but I hate surrendering a match just because we’re losing. I don’t enjoy waiting on matches to find people, which usually takes a few minutes or so, select a map, which no one can seem to just vote on right away, and then wait for character select because someone has to wait to the last possible second to pick a character. So, 10 minutes later I get into a match, and the moment we start losing, someone starts voting to surrender, or they leave so now we are definitely going to lose, or they just stand at spawn. I get some people don’t want to fight it out to duration just for a loss, but I do. You get more xp, and I at least get to play the character at the later end of the levels which is usually when they become the most fun to play. And sometimes (though not often) it can shape up to a pretty hard fought battle.

Now, I get that some people don’t want to stick around for that, they just want to go in, and win, and if they aren’t going to, they want to leave. The thing is, I don’t want to play with that person. Sorry, but if you are ready to give up 10 minutes into a match, I don’t want to play another match with you.

So, that’s my question to the Devs, what can be or is being done to mark who calls for surrender a lot or leaves matches, and would it be possible to have a setting that you don’t want to group with people with a high surrender amount. I know it’s not something everyone cares about, but I just get really tired of playing versus with teammates who are only there for the quick win.


Check this post out to! We as a community have been discussing it and and are hoping it gets noticed!