Early UVHM builds/gear?

Yo. Sup. Started a Zer0 recently, and cruised through N/TVHM - partly thanks to a kind soul lending me a set of pimpernels. I’m at Bloodshot Stronghold now, at Level 55, and it’s a common roadblock for me in UVHM.

How do I get Zer0 past this? What kind of gear should I have? How should I change my playstyle? (I like to hang back and pick people off with the pimpernel if possible).

Will lv50 uniques such as the Twister help me?

Show us your build and gear so we can better help you. Use this link for the build!

Your level 50 gear will not cut it at level 55. Even badass guns like Twister and Pimp will start to struggle. You should also use slag (if you’re not doing it already ;)). In UVHM, you need to be more aware of your surroundings. Barrels can kill you now. Tough enemies that can deal a lot of damage needs to die fast. Use your action skill as soon as it’s available.

First, check out the tips listed here. Second, check out both the Top Gear, COMs for Zer0, and the Skills threads. While you may not have access to the top gear right now, the above should help you in deciding what to use and what to toss. A lot of what’s listed are quest rewards, so they’re fairly easy to get provided you have that quest…

But we do need to see your spec and what gear you have right now to be able to help you more.

My spec is fairly standard - I use a killer com with +6 ambush/+5 Killer, with a skill tree that looks like this:


I have a full set of lv50 Pimpernels with perfect or near perfect parts. I also have a corrosive sandhawk and a lv50 Bee. I’ve been tempted to try and somehow get a Skullmasher; a nive lv55 Skullmasher would sort me right out, I think.

I’d go with something like this instead. Sure you probably won’t be using killing blow very often, but it’s better than the extra health from Iron Hand. As for your equipment, I’d go with any purple you come across that’ll do more damage than what you currently have. Sure the Pimp is a great SR, but even it can be outleveled pretty quickly.

I dunno: I have a L72 Corrosive Barking and even at OP5 it was still doing some fairly decent damage to Loaders with my Maya on the Digistruct Peak run, as long as they were slagged. Was quite surprised how it managed to keep up, tbh!

I’m with shure here the pimp is one of those guns that can Las quite a long time, even in uvhm.

The Killer COM you have is amazing already. Just spec out of Fearless to get the full bonus from Ambush and drop one point from Precisi0n to get Execute - it is an amazing mobility and finishing tool, even more with Killing Bl0w instead of Iron Hands.
For gear, Zer0 can use literally any gun type so stick with the best gear you find at level - even green ones can work with Slag in UVHM. A Slag Transfusion would help you a lot also, as a good turtle or absorver shield. Just keep the best you can find!

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I actually have a longbow slag transfusion, 0.7 fuse, so that’s set. I’ll consider the execute/killing blow backup - might even go farm a Law in Normal so I can use Law+Order and melee my way through.

Agree with the others that said your Pimps are still viable. Last time i ran through uvhm with Zero i think my Pimpernels were still killing stuff til at least lvl 57-58 and probably a little bit longer. They are just that good.

Also agree with tweaking your build a bit. Killing Blow instead of Iron Hand and Execute is nice to have instead of 1 point in Precision.

I’d also leave Precision empty and use One Shot One Kill instead. Precision is nice for shotguns and a couple other guns, but seems kinda useless to me if you’re mainly using snipers (Skullmasher is an exception). Even if you are using shotguns, OSOK is still better to grab, IMO. Precision can wait til leveling up some more if you really want to use it. Before that though, I’d want to max out OSOK and Followthrough before thinking about Precision.

If you’re doing a straight sniper only play style, then getting down to Critical Ascension would be your main priority with your next 2 points. Then spend your last 15 points in the Bloodshed tree.

My level 50 Slag/Corrosive Pimps lasted me into the low 60s. That thing is just a completely different breed of weapon on a sniper specced Zer0.

Useful but not obvious: lascaux is available every level and is powerful close to midrange. You can farm a hornet very quickly and easily every level. It will take care of anything armored quickly, especially if you slag first. The better plasma casters more than make up for their added ammo consumption. Casters are readily gotten from WEP LLMs/and various red chests, and of course the golden chest. Magic missle from the sorceror, who also drops leeches for really tough fights. The slagga is also easily and repeatedly farmable, provided you sided with the Zaffords. The bee is so easy to get from the forest treeants and can be frequently renewed as you level up. Neogenator and evolution shields are great and not much hassle to obtain. Even the dpuh is just a bunch of bar brawls and a torgue machine away.

I remember how hard this level was and learned to avoid mobs and dissect areas methodically. Move up just enough to trigger enemies then retreat backward thru a chokepoint to let you engage them one at a time and throw nades where they bunch up. Take your time and use your head. Concentrate on getting good gear and it starts to get much easier after 60 or so. From there to 72 is kind of a cakewalk frankly.

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Yeah, I decided to just farm up to 72 on Snowman with a pimpernel and work from there.

My killer is something like this, last 4 or 5 points I switch around from time to time but the sniping and cunning trees stay the same for the most part.