Earned Platinum! Yeah!

How exciting. Love this addition.


Here’s hoping it’s daily!

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clap clap

Well both of the daily quests earn me Platinum this time, so I think it IS daily. It’s not much though… But we’ll see how it turns out. ^^
I am very happy about it though! :smiley:


I honestly don’t mind that it’s only 32 plat per daily quest. I think it’s a nice addition that we actually can earn some now. :smile:

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32 per daily? The shards one gives 4. XD

Huh. The quest I got was to play an attacker 3 times and it rewarded 32 plat. Obviously the reward must vary with the difficulty. I just assumed they would all be the same. :sweat_smile:

I love this as well. Earning premium currency is always a plus in a game. The amount is decent enough for a daily quest.

Up to 32 premium currency per day is preferred to 45 premium currency per week, which is how the daily login system works in SMITE. Though Smite’s premium economy is slightly different.

I had to win 3 matches as Eldrid.

This was truly a great addition.

And a surprising one too

They never answered any complaints about platinum or even really mentioned this part of the dailies. Now we know why. Sneaky awesome devs


Hadn’t notice this yet, tbh. But honestly, it means they changed a pet peeve of mine. Call that a win.

This is an amazing update. Anyone know if you can stack dailies, get more then one to work on at the same time? My “get 5 double kills” might take me a few days split between pve and having to be support or tank most of the time.

Did you do anything special to get your second daily quest? I completed mine yesterday but haven’t seen one today.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone(Edit: Looool I’ve sent a mail through my Iphone and it added that message. Derp.)

Edit: Sorry for the short reply. Anyways, I did not do anything special. Maybe you should restart the game completely though? Not sure if I did that but you never know.

Hmm. Tried that. Do you remember if you did the second one at least 24 hours after the first?

I haven’t even completed the first one yet. XD

Everybody’s finna buy the medieval skins while I’m just here with my Isic and Phoebe Skins and some taunts that I won’t even be using :frowning:

It seems the Daily platinum quest updates at 7:00 pm EST, or at least that’s when it did today. (Pretty sure)

Side question: Has anyone completed the 20 part main quest line, and does it give anything besides credits?

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