Earthquake shakes causing motion sickness

At a certain point there are frequent earthquake effects. The camera shake from them is causing me motion sickness. Is there any way to disable or reduce this effect?

That’s on the planet where you find Typhon? There’s a very short side quest you can do from one of the bots that completely eliminates that. The quakes are worst when you’re down in Typhon’s lair there. I already had head bob turned off (Accessibility options) so I can’t say whether or not that reduces the effect but I didn’t notice too much camera shake - the vibration on the controller was pretty fierce though!

We had to get through the section by having my partner lead and me looking away from the screen every time the earthquakes happen. I couldn’t pay attention to the story at that point. Just pushed through to get out of it. :nauseated_face:

Trying to get through there on my solo character(s) is going to be really rough. :frowning:

Out of curiosity, do you have head bob turned on or off?

I don’t. Head bob doesn’t bother me. Oddly enough turning head bob off actually does. I’m weird…

I’m fine with expected motion resulting from my actions. It’s unexpected random motion that causes me problems.

I’m finally to this point on my second character and I can hardly navigate the area to talk to the NPCs and figure out how to stop the earthquakes. Without a second player I’m basically stuck and the discomfort is so severe I’m basically missing out on this section of the story.

Gearbox, please add an accessibility feature to disable the earthquake camera shakes. I can’t be the only person affected by this.

I tried turning head bob off, it does nothing to reduce the earthquake effect and makes the section even more uncomfortable for me due to lack of expected motion. :frowning:

I got my partner to lead me through the quests to stop the quakes…

… that was a really stupid reason to have a nauseating environmental camera shake trigger every few seconds and can’t be disabled without doing the quests.

I would have actually enjoyed the quests if I didn’t have to aim at the floor and navigate by minimap in quakey areas to force my way through it. :frowning: