Easier Single Player Mode

Please make an easier single player mode…For all story missions.

I dont care if someone wants to brag how they did it on advanced…who gives a fk! Plenty of us just want a mode thats not a bitch for when we cant get into a match … Or just want to enjoy the single player experience by yourself.
Is a casual mode this hard to do? FFS!

Thank you


Euhm there’s a normal mode that you can easily complete solo.


inb4 getgud

Dying in a game is not a bad thing. Seriously, there’re only 8 levels. Once you know how to beat them, they are easy-er.

Build tumper turrets!

Normal mode’s a walkthrough. Supposedly The Saboteur is really hard - it’s super easy on Normal, solo.

I actually like Advanced mode, even if I die a lot. I’m trying to get good enough to run missions Hardcore Advanced, solo. It’s a challenge!


Missions aren’t balanced to be equally difficult/comfortable for every hero. Try picking another hero. The game is designed to be replayed with different heroes.

I also find some missions harder at the beginning than in the middle or final part. If you have troubles right there it might not mean the game is hard, just that one particular place.

And you may find some help or advices here on the forums if you desribe what issues you experience.


That’s actually a great point too. Some fighters just aren’t as good at some missions (Boldur struggles with The Algorithm for example).

Easier single player mode? Play as Toby! He is literally the destroyer of all things in mission mode.

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You mean all melee characters in The Algorithm. Which is a shame because it’s only the last part of the last boss. And the bridge. That damn bridge.


For some Battleborn some story missions are more challenging than others. So is there a specific Battleborn/mission combo that is problematic or is this a general “make it easier”? And it is not my intention to be trite w/ what I’m about to say, but normal mode is not too bad (w/ the exception of the Heliophage) for most Battleborn. So if there is a specific Battleborn/mission combination that you are having a problem w/ reply back and I’m sure you can get some advice on strategies for completing the mission successfully solo.

True. I got my first win on a 5 man Saboteur advanced game playing as Toby. Keeping the objective from getting hit using force field and using arc mine on any enemy that got close. Playing as a territorial character on defense missions makes protecting them a lot easier.

Marquis can put Owls all around the objective while sniping and slow enemies that get close for easy crit kills
Galilea can fire ranged attacks with full HP while also easily killing enemies at close range
Kleese and lay rifts around the objective to block enemies and force them to attack the rifts

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Personally I am happy with the difficulty, I do die, but I like a challenge.

the point made about which character your are trying if very important, there will be some that you will fail with time and time again.

…More people should follow this advice in Story mode.
Fire turrets are what I see the most but they don’t kill, have no range and are only good for assists.

I tryed him once and was disappointed. I don’t mean he’s bad or underpower, I just wouldn’t recommend him for everyone.