Easiest borderlands game EVER

So got the game on release. The game was hyped but to be fair this has to be the easiest game out there I’m now running with every legendary weapon there is. If anyone wants a farm buddy hit me up as now the game is sat on a shelf gathering dust ; ; I’d have to score the game a 0.1/10 and that’s being very kind

Let me guess.
Fade away
Leave no trace

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What an elitist yet scrubby post,

“I’m now running with every legendary weapon there is” no you’re not, there isn’t even enough inventory space for it. Also as in previous borderlands it’s not only about the legendaries, so there’s that. And a 0.1/10? Really so you would rate basically every other Title higher? Anthem/FO76 etc…


The story was way to short no challenge in the game after you get the one pump chump you can run over everything in seconds most bosses can be killed in 20 seconds or less with one maybe 2 taking 30 seconds to kill

FL4K, Fade away, leave no trace? Sprinkle in maybe some augments and shotguns?

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Currently I’m trying out one pump the mind killer engulfing krovvy ogre and zappy dayumned skeksil with snowdrift cosmic creator headhunting cosmic stalker adaptive caltrap shield large exploded grenades (never use grenades)

Don’t ignore the question. FL4K, Fade away, leave no trace?



I’m not defending him but I’m sat on 200+ legendaries, just made bank characters on another account.

While he doesn’t put his point across well he’s not wrong I solo’d the entirety of the game to mayhem 3 nearly entirely spec’d into bottomless mags as moze and had no issues or repeated deaths, if I’d spec’d into her other trees before end game it would have been dire (for clarification bottomless mags is easily her weakest tree), compared to the other titles I can’t remember having an easier time, likely attributed to the filthy drop rates.

As it stands circle of slaughter and all trials but one are easily completed without firing a single bullet and I still make the 25 min timer.

His rating of the game on the other hand…

EVERY Borderlands was easy at release. Try it out. You got experience and ofcourse it is easy now. Some even say, that the game is on mayhem 0 too hard for them. Why? No experience. They don’t know which weapons to use, they’re new, as you were at the beginning. Wait for the DLC’s and let us know, if your mind changes because thats what happend to the other borderlands games too. DLC = REAL game.


play on mayhem 3


Wow, if he didn’t even play on Mayhem, then i don’t know what to say anymore


I played them all on release.

yeah, i played a moze bottomless mag character, and i only died once the whole game, and it was because of killavolt.
it’s so much easier then Borderlands 2, i think it has to do with how common good loot is.
it gets better on mayhem 3, but it still feels easier then borderlands 2’s UVHM


i bet you flew thru the entire game only doing story missions no side missions and no exploring any of the massive maps too then wanna complain about it being too short lol…i been playing and exploring all maps and im only like 17% thru the games campaign…everyone in this day and age always wants to speedrun everything…how is that fun smh…and your rating is insulting considering how enjoyable the game itself is…u do realize this game is a LOOTER SHOOTER right…not a speedrun one and done game…i also bet u got all said legendarys by doing all those stupid farm methods that were all over youtube…to me thats cheating


If he’s farming legendaries it’s a safe bet he’s doing it on mayhem 3, it’s hardly a great leap in difficulty

If the game ever actually gets easy I’ll enjoy it a bit more.


I got the Platinum trophie. Completed all side quests discovered all named locations. Got all vehicle parts. So yea done a lot of exploring

Well…yes? Fl4k is insanely powerful right now and will likely get nerfed. This is not news.

Try the game as Zane or Amara. It’s quite a different experience.


^ That is no joke. I’m being slaughtered by certain types of enemies and a couple of bosses. Still, other than one boss I just rage quit on (billy the stupid annointed) I’m having a good time. That is, WAS, until ■■■■■■■ gearbox nerfed my shotgun which was my primary weapon.

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