Easiest class for console playthrough?

I literally can’t find answer in google probably for the first time for BL2! I need an advice - what is the easiest class to go lvl 72 without that much of a farm on console. Basicaly this means on gamepad (controller). No keyboard and mouse.

Except Gunzerker ang Gaige pls!

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On console with default controller layout, Axton or Maya - take your pick. Zer0 can also do this, but you may want to change the position of the melee button in your controller settings. Personally, I think Zer0 requires a bit more skill to get through UVHM.

And honestly you don’t really need to farm on any character while levelling. There’s one or two things that are nice to have at level 50 when you start UVHM, but nothing that’s absolutely essential. Other stuff you can grab multiple times during UVHM once you’ve unlocked the miniboss through story progression if you really need it (Savage Lee for the Unkempt Harold, that other guy for the Fastball). But you can also get by with the easy red chest farms and Golden Keys in Sanctuary.

BTW unless you’re playing the 360/PS3 version, level cap in BL2 is now 80…

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The only thing that might give you any issue on controller is sniping

Otherwise Maya has the easiest leveling experience followed by Axton

Once you get krieg going you can play without gear, so he’s fairly easy once you can cycle release the beast

Afaik the last DLC isn’t built into the handsome collection, so they may not have it

I thought the new level cap was implemented into base game and not dependent solely on having DLC5 (which is not available on those consoles)? ICBW of course - wouldn’t be the first time.

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That i have no idea about, all my OP8 experience was on PS3, i never made it out of TVHM when i moved to PS4. And i never bought the final DLC either

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I am going to affirm that Maya will most likely be the smoothest sailing to and through Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and Level Cap because her Elemental skills and Health regeneration will be of grate use.

The list at the bottom is order I typically go about building out a Maya skill tree from 0-80. Depending on the gear I have I might do the first tier skills in each branch (Accelerate, Sweet Release, Foresight) but going straight down the Harmony Tree the way I do is all about being a Tank, and getting access to Scorn for Slagging (And Barrel Trolling/ environmental damage) from far off.


we need Lilith DLC to level up from 72 to 80. that is why it broke OP levels even if you have the ultimate upgrade pack 1 and 2.

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Right. It was the OP levels that were reset to start at 80 even if you didn’t have DLC5 - thanks. I knew there was something that got broken.

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Since I’m a few days late you’ve probably started your playthrough already but I’d suggest Maya.

I abandoned my first playthrough ever that I was doing with Zero becaue I hated playing him on controller which I was quite unused to in FPS’s at the time. Picked up Maya and had a fun time going through.

That said you can play anything on console. I ended up maining sniper Zero after I was more accustomed to how the mobs behave, the maps and the general feeling of movement. I will have to say though, maining that sameish build on PC it is easier on this side.

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