Easiest grinder legendary

What do you find is the easiest legendary to find that you grind with? It can be because of a short run or easy to kill boss or almost guaranteed drop. Mine would have to be Meg, because her drop chance is high and get run from jacks office is short and if I laser disker her she dies pretty quickly

If you’re on PC my personal favorite is to just read only farm the Excalibastard. As not only is it extremely easy, but I can create DLC legendaries with it. Why this works I don’t really know, but it is the only base game legendary I know of that can create a DLC legendary. So long as you use 2 of them and a purple.

I.E. I got Flayers and Prolatarien Revolutions out the wazoo without ever stepping foot in the CV.


I’m on ps4. I made a stupid mistake and got mine early so I don’t have one anymore. But I have my absolute zero so I’m happy. For dlc weapons I’ll just run through the subconscious and look for one to grind with there

Well if you ever start a new character I think you can still do this with saving your save to the cloud and just reloading it every time, or something like that.

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