Easiest/Most Noob Friendly Toon?

Basically what the title says. In your opinion, who is the easiest toon to play as? I’m talking OP/I’m gonna wreck some s*** without even trying kind of easy.

I played through Normal and TVHM with Wilhelm, and the others enough to get Platinum. But I thought Wilhem was down right difficult. I chose him because of his pets and thought, “Oh, he’ll be like Gaige.” How wrong I was.

During my time playing the others I thought Nisha was pretty OP, at least in the beginning. But, obviously, I’m willing to take suggestions.

My basic playstyle is run in and destroy. Pistols, SMGs and lasers. Melee often. Shotguns if they swear.


Nisha. No aim required. Showdown and shoot. Everything is now dead.

For mobbing I found aurelia to be really simple. Send out ice shard and snipe all the frozen dudes. She kinda sucks against bosses though.

I’ve been having a blast with athena now. Activate aspis, charge in and obliterate everything. Tanky while maintaining some serious dps.

I would say these three in any order.

  1. Wilhelm because of wolf and saint
  2. Doppelganger Jack because of body doubles (they get a copy of whatever shield you are using and can spawn as badasses)
  3. Baroness her Frost power is really OP

then there’s Claptrap mainly because he is not dependent on air, but also several of his skills, while erratic, are very good

If you’re having trouble with Wilhelm, perhaps you need a different spec
for him. At the higher levels, he’s near invincible, since I can keep
Wolf and Saint out for the whole of most fights, and all you have to do
is paint targets. Cooldown is short too, particularly with Celestial
Enforcer. There are also some skills that make him resist a lot of
damage, and recover quickly.

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I agree, Wilhelm is a BEAST!! He’s so tough I keep him as my solo-only character. Based on what the OP is asking for, though, I also have to agree with ACNAero, I haven’t played her a ton, but Nisha certainly seems like easy mode.

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having played every character I would rank them this way:
1- doppelganger- early on you can get to the point where you never die, and do lots of nova damage
2-nisha or wilhelm depending on whether you want to kill everything so quick you don’t need health or you want to stay alive so long you don’t need to do a ton of damage.
3- aurelia. she is really good at mobbing but you hit a wall really early on with bosses
4- clappy/ athena both get just as good as everyone else about staying alive and killing around 25-35 when specced appropriately

They’re all pretty easy honestly.

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OP, what happened with your tours with Wilhelm? I have let Wolf kill Iwajira (back when level 50 or 60 was the cap anyway) on his own just to see if it was possible, but I do think it takes a few points to really make him shine (and Saint tanked me through a level 69 pass at Shadowtrap/EOS, so I’m pretty sure the surveyors are capable of taking care of business). That said, it’s not like I fire and forget with them - I’m constantly using Laser Guided to keep their time up as long as possible for the Rolling Thunder bonus when I want them to do my dirty work (and doing this successfully requires a modicum of skill).


Im not saying she’s the best or most versatile, but give her and instant shield, homing shock (or explosive) (or cryo) transfusion grenades, a COM that cranks her cryo damage / chance, a Bomber com for free grenades, spec heavy into her middle tree (and her accuracy increasing ones in the right tree) and have her freeze everything in sight while you blow them all to pieces, either from a distance or up close and personal.

Not a mob in the game stands a chance.

She DOES struggle against bosses, but there should be SOME challenge, and they are all beatable.

Or you can posse up!

Aurelia master / servant contracted with a CS Athena is bloody FRIGHTENING.

Cryo is THE flagship element of TPS, after all!

Plus, she has great dialogue and interactions / reactions.

Here is my current build.

I’m also using a class mod that has +2013 health and +55.5 health regen. My Oz kit converts 02 to health also.

Go for Energize instead of Kinetic Armor. At 4 points it nearly doubles Saint’s healing ability and gives occasional shield regen. Far more useful in the long run than a weak spike shield ability. If you’re still dying all the time grab Divert Power.

If you want to kill better make a Hunter-Killer build, it’s where most of Wilhelm’s DPS lies. Great for Wolf too.


Was that your build when you were leaning on Wolf and Saint, or now that you’ve abandoned them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That class mod might be handy when you’re nursing your wounds after a fight, but while that 55.5% is respectable (seriously, that’s pretty high, right?), I’m not sure it’s enough to tank you through a fight? Do tell if it can carry you through some fire or corrosive DoT (not with your shield up; straight off your health meter). Anyway, I might replace that with one that at least buffs some of your skills as well. It’s hard to beat the Celestial Enforcer class mod, but it’s also difficult to find, but even a blue rarity one from a vending machine (of whatever ilk you like) may have better returns than your current.

Is your kit the Invigoration Oz kit? I ran with that in early playthroughs until I had enough skill points to stand on my own two feet, but that kit kind of only works in a vacuum (where you’re constantly consuming oxygen and therefore Hoovering up all kits/health). In atmosphere, your oxygen replenishes so fast that it’s hard to pick them up… you almost have to slam down onto them and hope your oxygen didn’t top off before you land. Are you using a different one in atmosphere? You may get a lot of advice about using the best legendary Oz kits you can find (and some of them are pretty awesome), but in a vacuum, that Invigoration kit is no slouch for keeping your health topped off.

I generally roll with the Hunter Killer tree almost maxed out, which is almost certainly the reason I can fire and forget with Wolf.