Easiest Way To Get A Clappy DLC Legendary?

Hey guys.

Need a Clappy DLC Legendary to grind for a atFlayer.

I am essentially at the beginning of the DLC.

What’s the best way to get a DLC Legendary?

Killing EOS has a 100% chance at a legendary. All legendaries. Clappy DLC and non clappy DLC.

Badass Trojans drop the Luck Cannon.

Finishing the DLC gives you the Cheat Code.

Badass Bandits drop a legendary but I forgot its name.

The Earworm drops a legendary I forgot its name, but you can get it multiple times since it spawns multiple times.

Finally, the mutator arena.

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Awww, this became its own topic!

Thanks, ever vigilant mods!

Badass Bandits drop the Proletarian Revolution, pretty neat pistol.

Earworm drops the Longest Yard, a nice rail gun. A more common Excalibastard without the nova/blade and with more damage.

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