Easiest way to make weapon effects?

What’s the best way to make custom weapons + effects?

Here’s a tool you can use for making the effects: [TOOL] New FXTool for Homeworld Remastered (FXToolRM)

You need 3 files for new weapons effects:

  • weapon/<name_of_weapon>/<name_of_weapon>.wepn
  • scripts/weaponfire/<name_of_weapon_fire_effect>/<name_of_weapon_fire_effect>.wp
  • and any relevant art effects in art/fx/

Edit (more info):

Weapons reference Weapon Fire scripts, which then reference Effects.

For example:

  • The Hiigaran Attack Bomber uses the hgn_bomblauncher weapon which is located in data:weapon/hgn_bomblauncher/hgn_bomblauncher.wepn.
  • The foruth argument of StartWeaponConfig is a string containing a reference to the weapon fire name (the name of the script to use for the bullet effect of the weapon).
  • In the case of our Hiigaran Bomb Launcher weapon, it references Plasma_Bomb, which is located in data:scripts/weaponfire/plasma_bomb/plasma_bomb.wf
  • The Weapon Fire script references .lua files in data:art/fx/ that contain variables which define the art to use in your effect.

A note: With the exception of the FX files, strings are not case-sensitive, meaning “hello”, “HeLlO”, and “HELLO” all are the same (the exception to this is filenames contained in the FX files).


I’m seeing HODs in art/fx…

Wait, nvm…