Easiest way to obtain Digipeak Legendary COMs?

I’m about to hit lvl 72 with my first character (bloodsplosions ftw), and I’m tired of Legendary Psycho (seriously, I’ve gotten like 3 of em in the last week!). I need a good Legendary Sickle COM. What’s the easiest way to obtain them? Do they have to come from tubbies, or can I get them from much nicer places to farm like the Tinderflake chests? If no, what’s the best way to farm tubbies, in your experience? Any help would be great!

Tubbies only. The best places are where there is a large concentration of Skags, Stalkers, and/or Spiderants. I prefer Frostburn Canyon and Hollowed Hollow, a lot of people like the Dust. You could go to the Wildlife Explotation Preserve and combine Tubby farming with Doctor’s Orders LLM farming. The begining spot in the Arid Badlands outside of Fyrestone is another popular spot. Basically just anywhere with a high density of one of those animals. There are more types of Tubbies, but they’re super rare.

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That’s unfortunate :C. I’ve been trying to farm for tubbies with Varkids right at the start of Caustic Caverns and have had no luck. I might try the Arid Badlands one, though. Thanks!

I forgot about Varkids, actually. I was refering to tubby midgets and skeletons. I don’t farm varkids because they’re one of my least favorite enemies.

And if it makes you feel better, I haven’t had luck with tubbies recently either.

I’ve played BL2 for a modest 400-ish hours or so on the PC and 360 combined and have only seen ONE Tubby Midget. Then the bastard dropped me a WTF >:|. Agree with you about Varkids, they’re just ■■■■■■■■.

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Last night I just managed to get three legendary coms in the back of Ellie’s garage. A total of 12 runs gave me two assassin mods (hunter and ninja) and a psycho legendary reaper. So for me the dust behind Ellie’s is your best bet. A week ago, I got a commando legendary pointman and a siren legendary cat. It seems to me that you tend to get what I consider non-traditional legendary coms. Having said that, you might not get the siren, soldier, mech, hunter, etc. which are dropped at a higher rate by Pete. At least in my experience. Good luck man.

These coms can only drop from Tubbies.
And tubbies are rare…
Altrough one user have found a rather reliable method to spawn them regularly.
Check this topic !

Hope it helps !

I suggest the Arid Nexus - Badlands (I think that’s what it’s called, anyway… I’m talking about the map with Saturn) There are 4 groups of skags, and each has a rabid that has a chance to spawn as a Tubby. That’s where I found most of my Tubby drops, and for reference, it’s a really good place to farm XP for other toons you might get (because Rabids and Tubbies give so much XP), which is how I got my first character from 66 to 72. Good luck!

Thank you for the link! I do remember finding a tubby in the NSA. I’ll have to edit my mission progress to get back there, but no biggy.
@stuarthome3- So where rabid skags can spawn, a tubby skag can spawn. Good to know!

As a general progress update, I was going through the Highlands to get a Love Thumper and I ran into TWO tubby stalkers! One dropped me a useless Bonny and the other dropped me a Legendary…REAPER! Agh! So close.

My favorite spots for tubbies are:
The Dust (behind Ellie’s garage)
Caustic Caverns
Arid Nexus Badlands & Boneyard
WEP (including Creature Slaughter Dome)
The Highlands- Overlook area

As far as getting legendary coms Pyro Pete is a good source, as well as red Dahl chests (the one in the bandit camp on the way to Capt Flynt gave me my very first legendary com- a level 39 L. Psycho), the Marcus loot train and this past week just regular chests. I’ve been lucky- I think I’ve gotten at least 1 of every legendary class mod for every character with Zero having the most (have about 20 legendary coms for him, maybe slightly more…)

Actually, Tubbies can spawn in the place of what would have been a “baddass”. This goes for Rakk, Varkids, etc. Since the “Rabid” skag (or stalker!) is actually the “baddass” variant, whenever one would spawn it has the chance to instead be a Tubby.

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I’m a fan of bug gulch meself. not even 5 minutes past. its yours if you want it/and are also on steam.