East coast PS4 matchmaking

Is it just as bad for others? Has this been acknowledged yet? It’s taking me sometimes 20 minutes to find a game of any PvP mode… I really enjoy the game but this is getting annoying.,. I’ve been matched with now with a group of 5 waiting to find 5 more for 5minutes, been in queue for 25 minutes

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I’m having a really hard time today as well. This is the worst I’ve seen it, though I know a lot of people have had tons of issues. Last night and all day yesterday I had very little trouble finding a game in a reasonable amount of time.

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Is there any hidden ELO that anyone knows of and this could be a reason as to why? I’ve only lost approx 60 games out 300. Almost all solo que

I’m seeing similar problems on XB1 on the east coast…

I spent 10 minutes matchmaking without even finding a single teammate. Restarted my xbox, now I’m at 20 minutes searching for teammates, haven’t matched with a single person.

Also, there is a hidden ELO, not sure if it’s the problem though.

I think it was the hot fix they did today…hopefully better by time I get off work though

Yeah I’ve seen it take forever. I just got the game on pc because I heard it was better and you find people within seconds on pc. I dunno what gives? I’m in north Carolina

Today was less than 1 minute… odd