Easter Eggs compared to BL2

Title, don’t remember any easter eggs besides red text on weapons in BL3. Would really love to see some in the next DLCs maybe?

Seems weird that they went from having a minecraft, mario, and dark souls easter egg as actual hidden areas you could find with unique rewards to having none. It’s a shame if you ask me.

Are easter eggs spoiler thread? Regardless, that thread wasn’t really what I was looking for ya know? I wanna find a dirt block and crack it open and find creepers level easter eggs, not out of bounds stuff that… Almost constitutes itself as an easter egg? I don’t know, what they found just doesn’t seem like easter eggs.

Yeah im surprised we dont have many either. Was actually thinking of this the other day playing but was on Pandora at the time and wondered if there is any references to other areas we’ve already played in the first two games, maybe from a distance be able to see southern shelf or the dust. Something like that but i hope i didnt go off topic, back on topic tho GBX not having easter eggs is strange but maybe we’ll see more in the future…i hope.


That is the type of easter egg that thread was looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there are anywhere close to as many easter eggs in 3 as there were in 2. So far we’ve just been grasping at straws.