Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them

Edit: as of the most recent discoveries we have found 1 confirmed Easter egg, with 1 Easter egg as yet unfound, (post 86 in this thread) and one Easter egg being the decoding of the audio from the varelsi portals

Credit to @whatsmynameagain for the following text
(Post 667)

In the other 3 ops there hasn’t been any confirmed Easter eggs yet, but some members have been active on here so I’m going to tag them so that if anyone wishes to offer assistance or any anomalies

@BaconianOne has been trying many different avenues as of late with trying to “decode” the friendship raid as well as exploring sections of the thrall rebellion that are unreachable for many

@MentalMars and @lowlines have been examining the audio for clues(mainly the varelsi portals)

all right, finding the attikus easter eggs was a community effort so i’m starting this thread so that we can list out our failures and successes for the ops as we go, if you have anything to contribute i’ll ask you to tag me in it as i’m forgetful at times and easily distracted. i’ll also include my interpretations of found easter eggs and you’re free to agree or disagree with them so long as we do so in a civil manner.

first is the graffiti saying “promethea”
link to image here courtesy of @lowliness: Where are the Easter Eggs from BL3?

a google search of "battleborn promethea led me to the conclusion that the next borderlands game is going to be most likely on promethea
screenshot here: Where are the Easter Eggs from BL3?

now comes the areas open to interpretation, hyperion bought atlas out. but at the end of tales from the borderlands Rhys took the rights to atlas and decided to start the company over. so it’s likely following the atlas connection is a red herring.

on the strange “crystal” at the beginning of the level I actually think it’s an aggression relic without the extra particle effect and slightly sharper angles(I will post a screenshot when i’m able to for comparison to the relic)
aggression relic image here:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwidwvn_4anQAhUIHGMKHYxeDJUQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fborderlands.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FAggression_Relic&psig=AFQjCNFOROUnYARJjWJQJuCGBpn9jzWNtg&ust=1479265079937863

now, that’s all I know for the attikus DLC.

for the toby DLC the only thing I’ve found has nothing to do with borderlands that I’ve noticed and that’s the names of the ship changes.

so far me and @viraforti and a third friend who has ordered me to “let him live vicariously through me as I take all credit on the forums”(I will refer to him as Z if he finds anything of note) have found that some of the consoles around have the green reticle effect like you can interact with them(one of these is used to open a storage room door for the “loot cache” ops objective so i’ll accept the rest are as well. except for the fact that one of these is also right next to the respawn at the base of the elevator shaft. so perhaps there’s something i’m missing there.(I think there was an ops objective to “hack terminals” but I can’t remember for the life of me

@viraforti had the idea to search for the patent number of the boss at the end “2546-D” for anyone who it rings a bell here for.

I had the terrible idea of maybe a logo or graffiti, but so far nothing has stood out(as @lowliness pointed out to me there isn’t enough variation to read into the thrall writing, I’ve seen a whole 5 words)

but we have confirmed that if someone stays outside the ship until the engines are turned off that the backdrop does change

Screenshot courtesy of @viraforti

@moderators I apologize if this seems like a rehash of the “where are the easter eggs from BL3” i’m actually trying to open this to other types of easter eggs as well (like the ships have different names)

Edit: even if all you have is a gut feeling post it and I’ll treat it as possible until it is proven false

and @epicender584 your compendium topics gave me the idea to group all the easter egg hunters here is there anyone you know who is actively trying for this?


Lead number 1 that I can’t place in the battleborn or borderlands universes is a logo that was on the ground


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that looks in the style of UPR imagery, perhaps shorthand for “UPR”?

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I enjoy a good Easter egg hunt and will probably spend a good amount of time this week searching but I just have one question. (And a series of follow up questions I guess)

How deep do we think gearbox is going to go with these? Will they be progressively more detailed or have more intricate ways of seeing them? (From the 1st to last op)

Can we expect them to be as straightforward as the promethea graffiti or somewhat hidden like the Minecraft and Mario eggs from bl2 and tps?


First op everything was fairly straightforward once you saw it, it was just a detail that was in an out of the way spot and in poor lighting. But this op is less straightforward as a whole so I wouldn’t be surprised at a convoluted and hidden Easter egg

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When I was playing Toby’s FR on the weekend, my partner and I noticed some red graffiti similar to that in Attikus. IIRC It was on the floor of the room immediately before the corridor you take to get into the engine room. I really should have grabbed a screen shot :frowning: I couldn’t really make it out - you’d need a good vantage point to view it properly (unless the angle you look at it is part of the deciphering process?) Will try and get a look later if possible.

I spent a day on the discord (with lowlines and some others, some months back) seeing if there was anything to the thrall graffitti (they really like to scribble all over, don’t they?), jennerit script, or other symbols represented in the game (i had a theory there was some aztanti scattered about) unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough there, and it appears to be random on the artists’ part, or if they do have languages, they may very well be complex enough with not enough representation for us to really decifer with. for instance, if the thrall graffitti is a simple letter swap, its probably not english (or a latin based language), as there aren’t really enough of the same letters in predictable places to be vowels.

bolders got runes, galis got symbols, tempest has script and very nice wall face symbols, and the thralls scribble all over, but from what ive studied, theres nothing to it. :frowning:

my credentials are that i cracked the Transformers: War for Cybertron cybertronian alphabet years ago, lol. so its not my first time trying to find meaning in a game’s scribbles. (Jak & Daxter is another fun game universe to go around reading text in)


@VaultHunter101 I actually followed that path as well, they used a total of 5 or 6 words that’s it

@loving-hatred, I still find the reflection texture that they used in the beginning area to be weird. I swear to god that it’s not a reflection of the area, but if it is anything, it’s too blurry to make anything out. :worried:


I still agree, but whether it’s a lazy texture due to dev’s not expecting us to look close or actually significant is the question

Not sure why but I suspect this bug is something of a clue:
(Toby last arena area)


Those things are everywhere, tho. :confused:
It is in a strange spot compared to the others…

i noticed those as well, through out the map they sit on the computer terminals, but at the boss fight there are a few of them hanging like this.

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Not related to the bugs but in regards to Pendles. There is some dialogue where he talks about helping kill the boss, yet we can’t see him.

Well he is a stealth character. Could this be hinting at completing the mission as Pendles in a stealth manner? Maybe some doors become locked as alarms are tripped?

Disclaimer: this is based off of complete speculation and hope that gearbox is being extra sneaky about these eggs.


We’ve done pendles runs, saw no change but I like your twisted thinking

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I just went through a run of the raid and the bugs had moved to the nearby monitors. They could just change spots with every playthrough


“Z”? “Z”?! Aw, man… You had the PERFECT opportunity to use “Deepthroat”, @loving-hatred! Plus, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, “Z”. Try looking for Easter eggs without a hidden identify! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!



So I played a run through with on of my friends who’s also trying to figure out the Easter egg, and we noticed that the reflection that I was talking about can be seen in all of the reflective surfaces in the level.
Sadly, I don’t know how to post pictures from my phone, but there are plenty of places that you can see it. I think the best area to see it is over by the second secret shard. There’s plenty of wide reflective areas there.

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I only noticed it on my 9th run, so I’m not sure if it was there before. It could just be random graffiti to distinguish between the different ships. I’ll check again when I do my 10th run; if it’s still there, I’ll see if I can get a decent screen grab. Can’t help thinking the easter egg couldn’t be that obvious though - the Attikus one was fairly well hidden.

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The ‘bugs’ on the ships’ terminals and walls? Maybe I’m insane, but aren’t those CRABS?

I looked it up on Wikipedia (Aztec for “lazy farmer”) and leopard seals don’t seem to eat crabs. :-/