Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them


Pretty deliberate. Watch that kill Thadeus video. It takes like ten or so boomsday hits. Hey maybe fragcendiary grenades will work also idk.


It was subtle but I saw pictures of em at least.

I still assume it’s the first turret connected to the yellow duct.

I think the Attikus dlc involves going through a waterfall under the map, failing some ops or paying close attention to where Attikus goes. (Reminiscent of the first Star Fox 64 egg when Falco yells “Follow me Fox!”) But just my 2 cents, could be severely wrong haha

(Sergekrack) #601

So, if black holes are theorized to be gateways to another universe with a white hole on the other end, is it possible that the Varelsi are trying to repurpose the Battleborn universe to accommodate their own? Maybe they’re mathematically impossible in the Battleborn universe because in their own, they live by completely different laws of physics. What if the Varelsi are actually just fighting to survive, by consuming matter from other universes to keep their own(presumably dying) universe going? One stands to reason that it’s possible that the Eridian are the Varelsi, considering they both like to wear masks, they have similar technologies(in that their technology and power are unexplainable to the current inhabitants of the universe) and we don’t really know whether the Varelsi are actually the race themselves, or just constructs of the race that is seeking to save it’s universe.

Obviously not canon, but an interesting thought. As far as the actual Easter Eggs go, I think their Reversing of Logic means that we’re making things too complex. I’m more inclined to believe that the Varelsi Portals being in every op meaning that they are indeed the key to at least one of the easter eggs. As soon as we find the mechanism they might trigger in one op, it stands to reason we’ll find the others in a similar way. I don’t have much time of my own to play, so I unfortunately cannot contribute as much as I’d like. But hopefully the separate line of thinking will help the investigations!

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Bit late, but I finally found where I’d put the one grab I have from the video:

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #603

So, after reversing the sound files, what was the result? Could you get a Morse code reading from it? If so, what did you get?

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Seconded, especially after Jythri’s massive non-hint in today’s Battle Plan thread:

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Is @Jythri taking about me

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Sounds to me like he is, so my advice is take the compliment!

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Welp, soon as I get home from work I’ll be poking around the new op to see what I can find. Despite having yet to finish MDB.

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…Everybody talks about you :smile:


Okay Morse code.

Anyone instead use the dots with the letters we have.

S-2, r-8, A-5, C-2?

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Here’s the counts of the dots posted higher up,


(StuckOnPandora) #611

Seems like he’s giving 15 hints, and smart martian is another

Portal in. Turn things around. Re-morse.


(wisecarver) #612

What was the hint with the Varelsi talking?
Now that we’ve played the Phoebe dlc I haven’t seen anything related.

Other than talking with their bodies, as it is mentioned in the game chatter.

(Um.. What!) #613

Playing through DLC 5 I managed to record the morse code from the varslei portal. Anyone up for decoding heres the clip DLC 5 varelsi portal

(MentalMars) #614

Here is my recording of the Varelsi Portal in Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar.
I turned off the background music and at the end of the video i also rendered it in reverse.

(lowlines - PS4) #615

To add to this, I’ve added a clean raw audio version (without this sfx of the portal) to my playlists.



I’ve also chucked up wav files for these signals onto the Discord if anyone wants to take a crack at them. I’m sure @MentalMars will figure it out, but hey, YOU (yes you) could be the one that beats him to it :wink:


This just got fun again :grinning:

(Goodbye Friday night, Helllllloooooo Varelsi)

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Yeah there’s definitely a clicking in the audio that is off from the “beeping”… that’s odd and I’d wager suspicious

(MentalMars) #618

I’m having another crack at it, but no luck yet. My morse code decoding software gives me nothing useful.
I got the clean audio file by lowlines.
I reversed it, slowed it down (timestreching from 120bmp (default) to 60 & 30 (at multiple resampling technics), removed humming. Sadly this didn’t gave me any clean results.
I tried doing it by looking at the audio spectrum and tried decoding it manulay, 1 timestreching technic looked to show a bit more difference between the length of the dots. but still cannot figure it out, because the first sequence of dots/dashes doesnt match anything i input. i tried skipping it and do the rest but also there i bump into strange translations # and a lot of E E E E or T T T T.
So still Work in Progress, for now i have to get back to the battlebread bakery.