Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them

Holy cow, congratulations!! What an adventure it has been to uncover the secrets :smile:

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Damn - I was focused on the Battleschool audio which means that reversing it probably didn’t help at all :dukecry:

Anyway, great job @whatsmynameagain!

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Edited the original post for offering credit, great job guys!

(the first line is not part of the easter egg)


Thanks I’ll remove that portion :cold_sweat:

@whatsmynameagain did up a cool infographic so you can see how he decoded each of the signals. Make sure to credit him if you repost it anywhere (I got him to put his name on it at least). :sunglasses:


Isn’t that what they always say :smirk:


No they normally say “Do not open the vault”, that right there is saying there will be more than one in a single game.


Well yes, vaults, plural, but they always tell us not to open any :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll never listen! What if one of them has actual treasure inside! I’ll take the risk!

Door opens. Vault Hunters see Rendain scurrying through a portal that closes behind him. :grimacing:

Or better yet. The vault opens and you discover Season 2 of Battleborn in there.


Along with the missing two TPS DLCs!


…Still sad about that.


Well about the don´t open the vaults and the signal coming from the varelsi portal …stretched theory here
What if the Vaults were actually an way to keep the borderlands universe away from the Varelsi
but each opening caused the barriere to weaken so the varelsi took the borderlands universe the warning was put there by surviving members of the bl universe so they could warn potential other universes that also have something like vaults
which leads me to the phoebe dlc where this hidden room with the base portal was found and the guarding defender was defeated (like the warrior in bl2) and therefore they doomed themselves because this aztanti room is like the bb universes equivalent to the bl universes vaults
PS:and ignore that this mostly belongs in a theory thread :smiley:


Props for the “Tannis on a fish” reference! Also, I hadn’t realised how close I came to figuring this out earlier in the week - I’d actually suggested looking at the spacing between the clicks at one point, but then got frustrated with the noise and it not making sense (because that particular audio apparently needed to be reversed?!)

Anyway, let the theories begin!


Tannis is not what she seems

“What” she seems…

Not who she seems, but what she seems.

Could just be an insignificant play on words, or me making mountains out of molehills… but interesting, nonetheless.


All that time hanging out in Eridian ruins on Pandora? Remember the Dahl dudes on Elpis that had inhaled all the purple vapours and somehow mutated? I’m imagining one possibility is something along those lines, but more subtle.

I’m also imagining that at some point something happened, and she was cloned into a biomechanical replica of herself (the Guardians in TPS are all biomechanical entities that just happen to look like Eridians, so why not?)

And finally, I’ve always thought that some of the Varelsi looked like some of the Eridians.

Hey, let’s put 3 and 3 together and make 33!


Unless I hear confirmation of other Easter eggs I’m down for this thread becoming a discussion of what they mean so all of you guys are still golden for bringing conspiracy theories here


Great job @whatsmynameagain and a great video @MentalMars!

I was actually poking our audio guys yesterday to be sure THEY could decode their own audio files. I was having panic attacks that we’d made them to noisy for you guys to have a shot.

Nicely done, everyone!


@Jythri thank you for the follow up as well! Now before i turn this into tinfoil hat territory is there anything else left to find?

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