Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them

No, but they (leopard seals) might not be very hygienic. Not to fear though, Thaddeus; i have a shampoo that will take those right off of your ships!

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Slightly OT: Thaddeus has a mandatory dialogue line with ISIC that appears to be a nod to The Big Lebowski. He tells ISIC something like, “That’s just your opinion, or whatever.” Might just be coincidence since it’s not a verbatim quote. w/e


Quite acceptable as an Easter egg in my opinion, And one of the ship names is “from tusk till dawn”


How about the whole episode is hinting at a sonic level?

The Ronin bots are the praying mantis type enemies. The fans that lift you up. The pipes of water/oil alluding to metropolis. Many of the sound effects. The rings you dodge at the end. The boss is a larger version of Toby himself such as the metal sonic boss of a mission that starts on a ship flying through the air. (Just like this operation) there is so much!

(I almost want to go into detail of the old sonic cartoon ethics in each episode of not to be a bully haha)


A truly unique perspective, I hadn’t thought of it like that

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One other question…has anyone seen all the ship names? I’ve seen “from tusk till dawn” and (I think) “the crimson pickler”

The Slippery Skipper, according to ISIC, is one of them.


Currently running the ops and writing down all the names I’ll post the list here once I hit ten.

*Edit here are the ten names.

Mr. Grontonamus’s fish canoe
The slippery skipper
The hushed puppy
Oh blubber where art thou
The spotted Calypso
The crimson pickler
The krill of victory
Pinnipeds lament
Cry me a whisker
From tusk till dawn

Also, resetting the ops points at various stages in the map allows us to open the doors/access computer terminals we were only able to use on the first playthrough. We’ll try to access some of these points in different orders. Running out of ideas to try haha


necroing my own thread because i’m looking at something @viraforti sent me about the reflections(next post will contain screenshot) it looks almost liks a castle or like sanctuary

calling out all assists with this, feel free to google or call borderlands friends

@BaconianOne, @TheRAbbi, @HandsomeCam, @VaultHunter101, @MentalMars, @lowlines @NatsumeRyu, @wisecarver



There’s something similar on Sabo you can barely see and they have never said what it is.

Get an image and we’ll do a comparison on it

Hopefully lowlines responds, he’ll most likely have the full texture we can take a peek at.

edit: although most games reflections images are arbitrary and if you’veseen this in saboteur it’s quite possiblethere only one reflection image/material and its been there since launch. Could even be a stock image.


I haven’t checked the sabatour, but I checked the Algorithm after I noticed it, and I realized that none of the surfaces in that mission actually reflect anything other than I think it was a moon? I’ll have to check it when I get the chance
Also, @wisecarver, they do look pretty closely similar other than the fact of the lighting.

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That is intriguing. Really not sure what it is though!

You had to go there… :wink:

Gonna have another look at Sanctuary, Fyrestone, New Haven, Old Haven, etc.

I’m actually working in BL2 ATM, so I’ll start there.

Any chance it’s from TFTB or TPS? Thoughts?

I’m not sure what I’m looking at? The lack of reflections could just mean that Toby’s Raid is a bit more technically impressive than older missions, I also just woke up so maybe I am not processing something that is super obvious??

Btw, when the huge update comes out, will you have a side list of what’s changed? That’d be helpful

Looks like tps to me. Where you help pickle cross the bridge kinda.

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