Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them

Although I’m not noticing anything directly Borderlands related, with that thought in my head it looks like something from Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island. I’m not suggesting anything, just sayin’ what I’m seein’.


That was my thought - the spooky house with the turret, upper story, gable roof. It looks like that, a re-used asset from Attikus, or one of the buildings from Flamerock Refuge.

Except the bit to the right looks like an illuminate sign (like Scooter’s?)

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I thought that too. Gotta rule it out as it’s barely canon (if at all). But yeah, def had that spooky vibe to it. May well be intended to invoke precisely that, at least.


That location was basically a Jakobs corporate colony on Pandora, right? Promethea (OP #1, Attikus) was the old Atlas home planet. For that matter, the Ned DLC had you fight through Crimson Lance zombies in (more or less) Old Haven to get some info to Jakobs. Huh. Doth the plot thicken?


That was my second thought, but on closer inspection it looks too dreary. I don’t wanna suggest too much though, I wont be responsible for speculation getting out of hand lol.

Any observation is valid on this until there’s something to discredit it, you all are pointing out things I didn’t remember or hadn’t noticed yet

@lowlines what you are looking at(in the pic I uploaded) is a picture of the reflection in the friendship raid. For whatever reason it’s the same throughout, so @viraforti screenshotted it on as flat and large a surface as possible, where we first spotted it there was nothing yellow to reflect yellow light, and nothing remotely resembling the silhouette shown so I brought it up merely as another avenue to look at

I have the most experience with borderlands 2, I did a google image search on each of those places with borderlands before it, none looked even close except for sanctuary with the light in the middle

@BaconianOne i’m fuzzy on TPS can you help us find a location to narrow it down?

@wisecarver i’m not sure what you’re trying to call attention to, is it where your reticle is?(if not please explain what i’m missing and where to shift my focus)

I’m both amazed and flattered that you think i can do anything other than derail this thread. You know what? I’ve been wanting to replay TFR for the dialols lately, and i think i may just try to contribute. WAS there a confirmed easter egg in ATR that connects to TFR, because i want to know if i’m supposed to be looking for something in particular…

Anyways, i doubt i’ll be of any use, but you never know; i’ve always been one of those people who seem to moronically stumble onto something important.

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Just because I have climbed to the top and obtained the “Community Badass” title does not mean that I can take a break. :wink:

It has been a tad busy as of late as I’m also working on some other (non-Battleborn) projects for my website…but Battleborn updates (especially large “Winter” Updates) take precedence because…Battleborn :sunglasses:


I went an looked but my mind was playing tricks on me. Mainly it’s just the shape of the Dahl buildings that’s strikes me as familiar.

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Whoops why didn’t I peek in this thread first? I posted a topic in the campaign subforum the other day, but I noticed something odd about the reflections as well. Take a look at what you see in the first window on the right in the laser room:

It’s a reflection of the last defense point on the Renegade. I’m 100% sure of it. Why is it there? Who knows?


I’ve been thinking, since I found that reflection that’s undoubtedly The Renegade in one of the windows, perhaps maybe this other reflection is from the Renegade too? I’m going to go look later on today. It’s so strange that this image is reflected everywhere except that one single window I posted screens of, though.

These weird reflections inspired me to go look in Attikus’s op, and it appears there’s a single reflection for that entire level as well. By single reflection I mean, a north-facing wall always reflects the north-facing side of the environment, etc. If you stand somewhere where you can turn 360 degrees with a reflective surface visible the whole way, it’s like looking out of a window into a different level, if you know what I mean.

The problem with Attikus’s op, though, is that every reflective surface I could find has these additional textures layered over the top that makes the reflections somewhat… muddy looking? It’s like looking through a prism, trying to find a good angle. Yet with a lot of persistance, I was able to get some pretty good views (sorry no screens, I’ll take some next time I look), and over the course of an hour I stared and shifted my view around and stared and found new angles and stared some more and it all looks so familiar but I can’t figure out what I’m seeing. It’s not anywhere from a Battleborn level this time, and this is a big maybe, but maybe I can make out thresher pods on the ground.

If anyone can manage to find a smooth reflective surface in that Op, it would probably go a long way to either debunking everything I’ve just said or hopefully proving I’m not crazy.

Edit: Also, has anyone ever figured out if A-5, S-2, and R-8 are significant at all? I thought at first they corresponded to the levels on the ship, but I don’t think that’s right because A-5 is on multiple levels of the ship, and I recall seeing S-2 in other levels as well, so it may just be generic UPR stuff.


Your posting here is appreciated @matttgoodman,

Now for finding images @lowlines is the one who has helped me immensely.

Now the s-2, r-8 thing didn’t seem strange to me but that’s because on a navy ship spaces have a marking saying what division owns them and a division can own spaces that are spread out


Cool now I can stop doing math and letter replacement haha

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Glad I could spare a headache!

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Look in the reflection of the glass panels covering wires/the wall in the first secondary ops objective area, where the elevator first brings you. There’s a panel on each end, and in the reflection there’s some building with the word “UPGRADING” above it in lettering, mirrored.

Does anyone know of a place where there’d be a big sign saying UPGRADING in any Gearbox game?

We need to form a collection of everything we think might be important and make a thread in the borderlands sections. It involves both of our fandoms. Let us not dismiss that we may need to combine things from multiple DLCs, of which we have less than half of


I may not be super available for a few weeks for seriously following this project, so anyone who wishes to take over on the borderlands side is welcome to use anything posted here. I’m mainly popping through and reading a few threads before bed and after work


@Avon here is the Easter egg thread I started read from the first post

Thought I’d update on this since I’ve changed my thinking. I’m now of the opinion reflections are entirely unrelated to any easter egg and are pretty mundane. The only one that still piques my curiosity is the one where you can see the word UPGRADING in the reflection but only for curiosity’s sake.

The reflections in Attikus’s op are the same reflections seen in Saboteur and Heliophage. So nothing to be discovered there. Probably just an old version of a map area or something.

Similarly I think the reflection seen on various surfaces in Toby’s op is from Voids Edge, the first boss area. If you leave the shard in tact this becomes more apparent.

The reason the one window in the laser hallway reflects the third defense point on The Renegade is because the glass pane used there is the same glass model(texture?) that’s used on the floor in that defense point. It’s reflecting that area because that specific glass was mapped to that reflection and they reused it for this op.

I’m of the opinion S-2, A-5, R-8 etc aren’t relevant either. The placements are too random and are seen at random all over the place on Bliss levels as well. Although I saw one I hadn’t seen used before on Snowblinds, and that made me think “interesting”, but that’s not really significant to this thread, or at all, just something I found interesting.

I think there’s probably going to be something discovered eventually about the Jennerit symbols, but I can’t crack it myself. I thought I’d found a new angle to work on them when I found graffiti’d portraits of Rath, Ambra, Deande, and Caldarius in the Heliophage with one different word, in symbols, written on each portrait, but unless the words are something other than their names, it doesn’t work out to an actual alphabet. It’s still possible they mean something else. I’ve been meaning to compare screenshots I took of them to the writing in the op, but I haven’t been home for awhile. All I could remember off the top of my head is Ambra’s portrait has a word that I thought looked similar to one that appears consistently in the op, and Deande’s has that symbol combination that looks like “10” that is in several places in the op too.

Otherwise, I have scoured this op over the course of almost 150 runs now and I’m clueless. I hate to admit defeat because man I really wanted to be the one to finally be able to say, “I found it!!” and know I was right. But I haven’t, so either I’ve overlooked something that will forever elude me anyway as I doubt run 151 will net me any new sights or discoveries I’ve previously missed, or there isn’t anything to find. My hopes at this point are it’s either related to the symbols, or in my meticulous combing, I’ve been missing something glaringly obvious (well, relatively, like something seen out of one of the windows), or my Borderlands knowledge is not up to snuff enough to be able to recognize when I actually do find something. Either way, I’m throwing in the towel. I probably won’t be playing this op anymore unless with friends who want to play it. I’m all Toby’d out.

The only spot in the map I’m still curious about is the room behind you as you face the way forward once you reach the bottom of the elevator shaft. Yeah, it has that one possible ops point chest spawn, but it seems like that’s too little a reason to put that room there. But maybe it was just for aesthetic reasons, or because it would have been odd to leave that physical space closed off since on either side of the elevator shaft the ops has a room for all 3 levels, or because it was just easier from a design standpoint, or something. Probably not secret related, probably mundane, but I’ve done the ops so many times looking through every little corner that I’m out of things to think about that aren’t mundane and probably insignificant.

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