Easy difficulty and loot?

So my gf and I are playing BL3 but she has her difficulty on easy since she isnt a big gamer anymore (i’m getting her back into games now that she has more free time). How does that affect her loot? It appears she still gets pretty damn good loot. Is that just RNG or does it help loot? I thought it would give her worse gear not better. Does it affect anything else? I can’t play on easy due to me stomping the enemies but I wasn’t sure of its effects. Does anyone here play on easy that can provide wisdom?

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Just make sure to have the coop loot setting set up to where you have instanced loot. Im not sure if its just RNG or intended to promote trading but when I play coop with my wife I tend to get gear for her character and vice versa.

“Easiest” just seems to affect player health/damage? Enemy spawns seem to be the same, so you’ll be getting the same chances at the same loot pools as you play through the various mobs and bosses.

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Im interested in the easy setting also. How much ‘easier’ does it really make the game and what happens in co-op?

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I’ve only ever played with it twice, so not a whole lot to go off. I would say it’s roughly about the same as going through consistently over-levelled by about +2 relative to the map/mission, but without over-levelled weapons? I haven’t tried it in co-op, but that almost certainly depends on who is host and whether the game is set to cooperation or coopetition.

thank you. :smiley:. i finished work early so i might go test it out for a few hours.

Haven’t really noticed a difference, either in loot or difficulty. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the setting was wholly a placebo.

@jgartenbenz. Probably! :joy:

The only real difference afaik is that enemies do less damage to you.

Mind you I’ve never actually used it but this what I read or was told.

It says it’s a personal setting and doesn’t affect others in the group.

I’ve used Easy on a Moze, since I’m not very good with that character.
I didn’t notice much difference. And the loot drops seemed to be about the same, I couldn’t discern a difference.

And you can still die just as easily by not paying attention. Not that I would know anything about that… :dukewhistle:

I blame the cats. Almost all my deaths are cat-distraction related.

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For me it’s telemarketers. I really need to get call-display on the phone in the game room…

I’m pretty sure it’s this. I’ve played around with it a bit to see if it affected farming, to see if it could make certain farming runs easier, and the only affect it had was that I took less damage. Damage I did, health of enemies, everything else seemed the same, but I was definitely able to take more hits before I went down.


Pretty sure it doesn’t affect loot, else many people would hope onto easy for some easy loot. I do think that it affects the enemy AI. I’ve noticed that they take longer in between attacks and aren’t as accurate. They don’t seem to juke or avoid your attacks as much.

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so less trouble for the same reward? thats weird but understandable.