Easy launch FX?

Is there a way to easily play FX on a specific dockpath when launching ships?

You can play FX on markers. Not sure how to tie it to a ship launching though… Maybe through the clever use of custom code?

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Dock path can use animations, and in .madstate you can call effects with the animation.


Do you want FX on the parent ship or the ship that is launching?

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On the parent ship. In this case the little puffs of atmosphere when a Viper leaves a launch tube.

Put a customcode on the Viper and when it is launching, trigger fx on the parent ship.

You can use SobGroup_GetCurrentOrder(<sSobGroup>) to find out when the viper is launching. I think “6” is launching (1 is move, 2 is attack, 4 is dock…)

You can then use SobGroup_GetSobGroupDockedWithGroup() to track what is docked with what.

Then you can use FX_StartEvent(<sobGroup>,<eventName>) to trigger the fx.


Actually, the problem with the above approach is that you won’t know which dock path is being used… Maybe there is no way to know that…