Easy legendaries to farm for the next level

It strikes me that to easily adjust as we progress through mayhem levels will be through reliable legendaries that are easy to get. With those, we can work our way towards farming those ones we want. Maybe on this list we can build a list.

Trevonator - Private Beans, Athenas
Westergun - Private Beans, Athenas
Hellfire - Jabbermogwai, Voracious Canopy

What others are there? Thankfully we won’t need to loot shields, mods or artifacts again.

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anrachy shotgun… 5 minuits in G,L&T dlc

Krakatoa - world drop. Currently drops plenty in Ascension Bluff on Pandora
Hell Shock - Gigamind

Krakatoa note - I found I was killing myself with the volcano, something that never happened before. Just a tip LoL

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everything drops plenty on pandora :joy:

just depends on what map :slight_smile:

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You can scratch the Westergun, a M0 Hellshock is superior to a M10 Westergun in every area except for max mag capacity. I still think Private Beans is a good farm to get started tho as he and the badasses that can spawn along the way are easy to kill and have a decent chance to give some world drops.


The new Maliwan Grease Trap aint bad either for a pistol.

I’m playing as explosive Moze so I might farm some good Trevonators and use those to gradually increase.

Yeah. I quicky found my M7 Westergun wouldn’t do much in M7 at all. Was pretty disappointed.
It only seemed to work well in M5, two levels lower than it was.


Yea the new mayhem levels have further decreased once viable weapons. Also sadly most of what are appearing to be the go to weapons are the new mayhem 6 drops or cartel weapons that will disappear and be unobtainable after this event ends which is really gonna make it hard for newer players to get to m10 IMHO

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Same happened with the wedding invitation. It was one of the best weapon when it released but like any other event item it becameb obsolete as soon as level cap increase. Same will happen with the O.P.Q system, yellowcake, sandhawk, etc…we have until June to get the best versions possible, then back to the maggie, recursion etc…