Easy legendary Shield? lvl 70 Nisha

Hey looking for an easy legendary shield to farm so i can get a perfect sham.

PSN: waterboy_rulz247 (PS3)

Try getting the MORQ. Otherwise go for Powersuit Noob, since he seems to drop Shooting Stars more often than most Designated Drops.

thx man, whats the morq btw?

A guaranteed on level Legendary Shield you find in a chest in the Motherless board. Go to Dignity-TP, Down the pipe, to the right there is a structure with a chest in a somewhat hidden room. Google it if you have trouble finding it.

It’s basically a talking Reogenator.

I’ll look into that, I think I saw that video already but I didn’t watch it.

you can’t grind the morq

i counter. you can grind the MORQ.

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i just got one off of Mr_Kcool11 so don’t even worry, but i appreciate ur help m8