Easy Melee Tips

I write this to those out there that want nothing more than to close the gap on an opponent, bursting right through their characters personal bubble, bashing them repeatedly to finally see them dissolve into the digital red cubes before our favorite melee Battleborn.
Battleborn melee players I find to be at a vast difference of skill, regardless of which Battleborn they are charging into battle as. Since launch I’ve seen far too many melee players finish the game with three kills and 10 plus deaths and that’s on a good game for some of these players. So, in lieu of saying that I’m going to write about three quick fixes that you can easily apply to your play style.

First we have “Angles.” I can’t implore how important it is to find new angles when closing the gap on an enemy opponent. As a quick example, let’s take Montana on one end and Rath on the other. A very common match up and one that I have seen Montana win by a landslide far too many times. Stop running Rath directly into Montana’s Gatling gun. If history proves anything it’s that running into machine gun fire head on usually results in death. Choose a different angle or approach to closing the gap. Each map does a great job of having side paths that allow you to approach from all sides while closing the gap.

Second might be right up there with finding a new angle at getting into ranged characters is waiting to use your disrupt ability for when they try to flee. I see too many Rath’s, Phoebe’s, and Shayne’s lead in with their abilities to close the gap allowing for the enemy to run and gun you to death, along with giving your presence away. Get in behind them using the best angle of approach, when they realize that you have been beating up on their kidneys and turn to run you have the finisher in your pocket ready to go instead of having it on cooldown.

Third and final change you can make is, “Stop Going in So Deep.” Yes, I know it’s an easy set up for a quick slam dunk sex joke but it truly is a problem in Battleborn. Melee players might be the worst when it comes to tunnel visioning a fleeing character, giving pursuit well into the enemy territory and quickly turning into an easy kill for their team. Unlike Pokemon you do not have to catch them all, let me repeat that again. You do not have to catch them all and more often than not you will end up losing that battle if you chase.

As a melee player it is not your job to get every kill and carry the team. Battleborn does not work that way. Be content with getting in and doing massive damage while you can before they turn and run giving your ranged an easy kill. Battleborn is a very strategic game when playing any of the three PVP modes. Feel the joy as you get in behind a group of enemy players disrupting their game plans, then when you see them turn and run know that you did your job well and count on your ranged players to clean up the chaos. If you find your ranged failing at cleaning up the stragglers you have left for them then stay tuned for my next article.