Easy Mode Shield Nova...Does it work?

I ran the Peak pretty much all afternoon and REALLY like the Peak Opener, Hard Carry and Easy Mode Shield combo. With Axton it does SUPERB damage on fairly stationary targets and the shock is good on those damn Surveyors as well…and that FFYL time…just WOW! Ammo is the major consideration with it though…major.

But I digress…

Does the Nova effect for the Easy Mode even work?..I never saw it pop. What is supposed to trigger it? Shield depletion?

EDIT: OK Wiki says it doesn’t…I wonder why…bug or intentional?

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Retainer also doesn’t give roid bonus


It seems both the Retainer and Easy Mode are intentionally bugged.
The Retainer is easy to justify : it’s made by Hyperion.
The Easy Mode is - other than a few bits in the title - identical to a Black Hole…without the singularity.