"easy" Moze tips

Hi guys,
im looking forward to make my way with moze a little easier(currently my only character that i play from the start,and the others never reached max level yet).

Im struggling with the build or finding weapons that suits me/like.I tried to follow builds etc, but as always i dump almost istantly the idea of following a precise build and farming precise weapons with that exact annointment…
But at the same time i don’t like either using a super op build or using the same weapons everyone uses…Im strange but whatever… I like doing what others dislike/not the meta,like choosing the poorest character in a mmo that no one uses and enjoi it .

At some point i find a build that works on mayhem 4,is super cheesy and i dumped it (infinte ammo after get out from iron bear and stick so many gyro jets quickies and see melt every boss,sometimes using the unforgiving to some more extra cheese like in bl2 crit swap).

Now i want to make an easy build with no specific annoints or weapons using green monster,or something else that is not a bloodletter,im done with that mod,i literally use it the entire time.(this for later farming annointed weapons to make new builds myself,now im “farming” using ion cannons BS / or using IB build but i don’t like them at all,seem boring after a while,i even farmed weeks for lumps with the annoint for splash damage,the perfect grenade for moze,those atlast maddening clone ****,and found a boomer mod that let me put 3 points into means of destruction so i can infinitelly spam rockets/ion cannon shots /everything from my a for free).

Any tips please?
Im also in the way of finding a purple shotgun that i find at low level,it was awsome,it was like a slow hand but better…i don’t really remember the name or what it shoots,was an alien barrel that shoot something big with smoke coloured with the element of the weapon,and does aoe damage so with a transformer and a shock one i was able to shoot in my face without dying and do a lot of damage at those low level enemies…i literally pick up every purple shotgun but never find it ever since…maybe the name can help me out a bit.
P.S Sorry for my stranginess attitude
P.P.S Im looking for tips for the build itself,that help me use almost every weapons,decently,not build around a specific weapon…if you know what i mean lol,im at a point where mayhem 3 is far too easy for me at times but struggling on mayhem 4 against some bosses and mobbing later on.

Not sure i can help you pick a non meta thing to try, but this shotgun; I’m guessing its torgue protuberance or hyperion host

Yeah is that one the protuberance,i just google it! Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:
thou the host seems cool aswell ill keep my eyes on those too :smiley:

One easy tip I have is: use a snowdrift artifact. I have found that it really helps to get Moze in and out of battle / dodge enemy attacks / keep you alive. Last Stand artifacts are also good but you’ll lose the extra mobility.

I sure wish a 100% cryo immunity shield existed so that we have a way to prevent slow-down

Same as the shotgun before,i dropped it only ONCE in all this months lol,hard time finding it hahah,same for the bloodletter actually,i find it the first time 1 or 2 months ago …and i play this from the day one :D,now i have tons of them but rather crap rolls…

Maybe im going to do a tediore chuck build…but i will only use the coolest explosions one and not min max for damage like mirvs on mirvs from shotguns.
RIght now i found a cool keen fire + (ice) that have some cool effects,im not build into stack grenade damage etc and still able to chew on slaughter shaft mh4…

I spent over a dozen later levels just using a Flakker. Once you get the distance down for staying clear of the splash, it’s a highly effective weapon for killing multiple enemies at once. There’s just certain enemies (such as Graveward) that it’s useless against.

I suggest using the best torgue stickie Quickie rocket launcher you can find with Some for the Road and farm Graveward for gear too.

Reserve Iron Bear for when you’re close to death and invest in the SoR tree in the beginning for more survivability. Don’t go more than 2 points in to Thin Red Line, then you maintain the ability to have health gating, and can use a Stop-gap or Re-Charger shield, or Tenacious Defense. You’ll find that Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine help out a lot as you kill.

Yeah,i’ve done that before,but right now my flakkers do almost nothing to mh4 enemies,not really build around using one of them,and as for the quickie i found the best one ,the x2 one,and spamming these over and over again to farm grave is kinda boring,i also cheesed by swapping to the unforgiving to give those stickies some 300+% crit damage…

I think Blast Master is still the best for general mobbing content. An easy gun to farm a good version is the Westergun. Get a 399x2 in all the elements, then go down the blue tree for Short Fuse. Get a Last Stand Otto Idol with mag size and aoe damage. Blast Master with smg damage and maybe charge speed. Look for a Cloning Maddening Tracker grenade to use with Vampyr. 2 points on Redistribution (one from class mod) should keep you from having to reload.

i have a little problem…using the face puncher with a cutpurse relic won’t give me back ammo…why is that? it only works with shotguns?

ill try this one later,still can’t find any blas master,i find only bloodletters and mindsweeper now lol,i’ve been farming for a good one for weeks now,i wantet to try this with destructo spinners,ah…cool my cutpurse have rockets things :smiley:

Only refills shotgun ammo.
A Cutpurse Rocket Boots artifact can refill any equipped gun, just slide and hit enemies with the rockets and it’ll refill that gun.

Before i go to farm again for a blast master ,i want to try a thing that jump on my mind now,the green monster com…for a chucking build,i see is the only one that can drop a +5 for mag size …sooo im farming for one that add +40 mag size among grenade damage and + the +5 mag skill AND ALL tediore for the other skill i should have tons of ammo…( i have aswell +40 magsize one the cutpurse rocket boots alongside +14% faster reloading( i prefer grenade damage but i farmed for this one fore ages aswell)

You could also do a Babymaker chuck build, where you use the Hanging Chadd and Forge to refill your ammo.

Chadd?Actually i never heard of this one

It is the reward from the “Swamp Bro” side quest in Floodmoor Basin.

Thank you :),found it

I can hook you up with some class mods and Moze gears if you on PlayStation.

Thanks a lot for the offer but im on PC,but (no offence) i want to get stuff by myself.

I mean you can use any build I make. All of them are gonna be non-meta. They are going to be powerful though because there is no reason to deliberately make a mediocre build. Iron Bear for Moze requires very little specific gear and can be run at any diffculty.

Have you considered that you just don’t like Moze? She’s not a versatile character. She has very clear weaknesses and gets pidgeonholed into very specific builds. This goes extra if you don’t like her action skill/action skill oriented builds. She’s not really going to shine with any gun, especially random drops that aren’t either meta or clearly OP.

You can run different coms (Blast Master, Green Monster, Mine Sweeper, Raging Bear) or shields or relics (with suffixes Otto Idol/Victory Rush/Deathless) but she’s gonna play the same. Most of the guns that are best with those builds will be the same guns that you were using before.

Also there are very few builds that don’t require specific anointments. Those builds are either going to be super gimmicky and require a unique (and typically rare) combination of gear or skills, or they revolve around exploits.

Anointments are necessary to clear higher level content (especially mayhem 4 with the 850%/1000%/1000% HP scaling), like it or not.

I like a lot Moze that’s why im still playing her till today but i get bored using only the bloodletter for the “best” results.
Now im playing around creating a radiation build for her using the Red Suit shield + a elemental projector ( i like slow hands but the fire dot self damage mostly one shot me lol,so using them is a gamble),or a westergun with these new 160% splash damage ,i find one 10 min ago with shock and radiation,it’s doing pretty well but i think it lacks damage for armored foes.
Before that ,i used a mindsweeper but is literally too situational/hard to take advantage off,pretty good for bosses if you can crit them reliably with an alchemist then pops the gyros and watch bosses melt with 1 mln damage per mini greanade popped,but for general mobbing (for me) is crap .
I also tried your IB build,i like it but sometimes i struggle with cooldowns for ib to spawn again(btw with mindsweeper mod your IB build is nuts,does tons of damage)