Easy One-Shots w/ Melee Rakks! One Billion+ Dmg Casually Fl4k Build

Heya Buddies, about 1 or 2 months ago a Hotfix came around that heavily buffed the damage of Psycho Stabber From 120% to 340% and that got me thinking. I am a big fan of Peregrine Builds so I thought to combine the two together. After some trial and error I found the perfect Peregrine blend to allow me to deal Millions and sometimes Billions of damage very easily using a combination of the “Newly” buffed Psycho Stabber & the heavily over powered Face Puncher.

Here is the skill tree build I use: Clicky-Clicky

Click Here for Build Showcase:


I want to first briefly skim over the skill tree points: We optimize the red & green Skill tree for the most amount of damage & crit multipliers to just allow us to gain the most amount of dps at all times. The red & green skill trees also have the best general cooldown reductions so we never run out of rakk attacks. Head Count being one of the best cooldown skill points since we deal crits all the time with Megavore helping us out. Megavore also allows our Fish Slap to deal crit damage as well so we are able to deal hideous amounts of damage on top of all our melee multipliers. The Power Inside capstone on the green tree pairs very well with rakk attack since we are using the action skill very often so we have a constant uptime of +25% (+50% if full health) more damage.

Super Important Piece of Advice: Always make sure to use the Action Skill Augment: Flock 'N Load. For the two additional Rakks when using any Peregrine focused build. The reason for this is because the two additional Rakks actually affects the damage of the grenade that is thrown by Peregrine’s effect. Here is why, Peregrine’s damage calculation uses the number of rakks summoned to determine the amount the damage the grenade thrown out does. So if you don’t use the Flock 'N Load Augment the damage of the grenade thrown will be significantly reduced.

Gear we use: As mentioned before, we are using multiple melee weapons IE; Face Puncher & Psycho Stabber; I like to use the Face Puncher for Mobbing since it one shots multiple enemies before needing a reload & I like to use the Psycho Stabber for Bossing because the 340% Melee Multiplier allows us to one shot bosses when used in conjunction with Rakk Attack Fish Slap Grenade (Like how we saw Captain Traunt & Giga Mind get killed in the Video Above). And due to this of course we want to use this anointment on both weapons: On action skill end - 100% increased melee damage. This allows us to make sure our damage is always really big since we spam rakk attacks for this build. Speaking of Rakk Attacks, we use the peregrine class mod so we can have our rakks throw out the Fish Slap Grenade for us. We use the Jumping Singularity Fish Slap for the most amount of damage and niche CC. Fish Slap grenade being a really powerful grenade that deals melee damage so it of course gets our before mentioned melee multipliers. One of the other key pieces in this build is the Knife Drain White Elephant. Knife Drain so we never die and White Elephant for its crazy damage from its sticky grenades it produces on Melee Damage. The Shield that we use is a Fire Old God w/ anointment: ASE 150% Bonus Incendiary Damage. Now the other option you can use for this build would be the Frozen Heart w/ anointment: ASS Activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill. This would of course allow us to insta freeze every enemy & allow us to have an additional 3 times more damage when melee-ing the frozen target. Although, I personally found that the Old God Shield allowed me to have more general DPS for all situations when testing this build out so I decided to stick with the Old God but the utility you get from insta freezing every enemy with the Frozen Heart is nothing to scoff at.

General Strategy: There honestly isn’t a lot to think about when using this build, pretty much throw out rakk attacks to boost your damage, try to have a good uptime for fish slap for Singularity CC & additional damage & finally just use Face Puncher for mobbing & switch to Psycho Stabber for one shot-ing bosses with Rakk Attack.

Alrighty I think that Covers everything. Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

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I think that’s where ‘easy’ part would be severely tested - pretty specific gear in there, like grenade from the event that is not currently active etc.

Appreciate detailed writeup nevertheless - I might have some things to try out with Peregrine here.

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Yes and no, a level 57 Fish Slap is still broken as long as you have Groundbreaker.

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That’s not a thing. (Tested with a Cryo Fastball, clean spec no GR)

More likely that the effects of something else (like Groundbreaker, a skill or just Peregrine being its buggy self) coincided with you swapping to Flock.


Sure, but that makes it even less ‘easy’. :slight_smile:

I had it change the damage on my ghast call and light speed and epicenter before unsure why it’s not working for the fast ball

Edit: I tested it today and it didn’t make a difference, I’m guessing they patched it or something oh well.

Shall give this a shot over the weekend; thankfully i already have all the parts :sweat_smile: