Easy THOMPSON 2828 farm

Last night I decided to start leveling up my LVL72 Maya.
I choose the new DLC to start the journey when I noticed something.
As soon as I got to Dahl Headlands I checked the Thompson 2828 location but got a gatling gun. I did not pick it up but did the mission. I then went back to the backburner to hand in the mission. I then went straight back to the Headlands WITHOUT SAVING to the Thompson spot and to my surprise it had reset and this time I got a pistol of some description. I continued this pattern - mission then back to the Thompson spot - until I finished the DLC and on my fifth visit to the spot got the THOMPSON!.

It’s a good one, yes. Here’s the full list of weapons and sources added in the new DLC:

I’d suggest continuing any further discussion there - thanks!