Easy way to connect to SHiFT on Borderlands the Handsome Collection PS4

First thing you do is make an SHiFT account on your phone or PC, then close Borderlands the Handsome Collection and turn the PS4 all the way off, not stand-by mode. After you confirm you’re email, turn the PS4 back on, log into SHiFT, and volia, it’s done. (Note, you always have to turn off you PS4 every time you wake the PS4 from stand-by to redeem a Code)


Currently stuck of activation code screen as I entered the wrong email by accident is there a way to back out of this screen because everytime I go onto shift I comes up with the same activation code required?

You will need to open a support ticket to change the email address associated with the account to the correct one.

Closing this now to prevent further necromancy…

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