Easy way to kill Witch Doctors and how to Phaselock them!

Yeah yeah I know, over four years too late, but I’ve known this for a while and taught it to a lot of people, and I’ve never encountered a player who knew this, so…

If you play as Maya, you probably know that Witch Doctors are resistant to Phaselock, even with 10 points in Suspension it never holds them for longer than a second. UNLESS… You use Sub-Sequence. It’s simple, Phaselock a Savage - preferably one close to a Witch Doctor - then kill it. If Sub-Sequence picks up a Witch Doctor, it will remain in Phaselock for the remainder of the duration.

It seems that initially Phaselocking a Witch Doctor speeds up the timer drastically, but if the timer starts on a Savage or any other Phaselockable enemy then it will tick down at regular speed for the full duration. I guess this is somewhat an exploit of a minor glitch but it’s surprisingly unknown, at least in my experience, and I’ve known it for a long time now so why not tell people…

I didn’t know whether to put this in the Maya sub-forum, although this is only doable with Maya I figured everyone should know, not just Maya mains as others may ignore posts in the Maya section. Eh, that’s for the mods to decide.



[quote=“Slif_One, post:1, topic:1556495”]If Sub-Sequence picks up a Witch Doctor, it will remain in Phaselock for the remainder of the duration.[/quote]I never knew that! :thumbsup:

I’m looking for somewhere to make a good recording for my build guide, I could get some footage of this if you want to see it in action?

I’m down for a video, almost more for the battlefield tactics involved in controlling Sub Sequence like that than for the effect itself. I mean, if you have Converge on deck, that gets very tricky, since the distances can shift radically with each instance, but not using Converge borders on insanity.

Quasars are very important too, pulling everything in close before PL/Converge will lessen the “slingshot” effect of singularity pulls from long range. More often than not you can place PL exactly where it needs to be to ensure the first proc of Sub-Sequence will hit the Witch Doctor.

I’ll be back on in maybe half an hour, few hours from now should have a short clip or two demonstrating how it works, I’ll do a few runs through Scylla’s Grove to get the clips.

Okay, here are two demonstrations. In the second video, I PL the last Witch Doctor directly so you can see the quick duration and diminishing returns for multiple PLs on the same target.



I love that term :dukeaffirmative: