Easy way to make mayhem fun for a lot of people

As of right now there are many many people who do not like mayhems random modifiers, including me (I like really hate them). So a cool and easy idea would be to give us access to mayhems increased drops and enemy health increase but just not the random modifiers, have those be an optional thing you can activate. So if we get bored with the game and for some reason want our cool builds and hard earned weapons to be destroyed by random modifiers we can, and the people that want to play with random modifiers at all times can.

Edit: Psychichazard, because you locked my post preventing me from replying to your question I’m doing it here. Random modifiers should not be the challenge of this game. The increased health should be challenge. The random modifiers are bland % increases or decreases possibly destroying your build or preventing you from using what weapons you want. All the previous games hard modes were basically a health and damage increase to enemies without these bullcrap fun sapping modifiers. And if you even want a chance at any of the legendary loot you basically have to play mayhem mode to get them, especially since they made the great design choice of making them all world drops. So no, I still want a challenge. Just not one that’s completely fun sapping because you can’t control how good your builds and weapons.

Edit 2: Psychichazard, really don’t know what you mean by “existing thread”. There aren’t any borderlands 3 categories on mayhem mode.

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I’m confused…you want the rewards that come with the extra challenge, without the actual challenge?

Anyways, please post in an existing thread on this topic.