Easy work around for Fl4k survivability

Start drinking low cal motor oil and get more excercise.

Fl4k’s problem is he got that big ol ghetto booty. He presents a target picture the size of iron bear but has 5% of the health / shields.

C’mon, get up and do some burpies or something.

Moze is 110lbs soaking wet and Zane running around in those skinny jeans just dont make as alluring a target. They can turn sideways and inhale and they are gone from the enemies sight picture.

So get that bot up and start “Sweating to the Oldies” or something and maybe the enemies will start to miss that butt.

Sorry if you take it as “Body Shaming” Fl4k my boy but you gotta lay off the high calorie Kife and get some rabbit food.


FL4K’s actually skinny. Their outfit adds a lot of bulk.


Their jacket takes health damage!!


I appreciate your humor OP!

Solid advice!

I found that not playing FL4K worked really well for me, i’ve not died once yet!


Where do people usually have a lot of issues with Fl4k surviving? On bosses? Mobbing? Raids? I have only recently picked Fl4k up again after a long hiatus and I didn’t really have much more trouble surviving on Fl4k than any other VH I have played. In fact, I would say he has at least as much survivability as Moze using a 1hp build with no heath gate.

I’m playing on M10 and using Rak Attack with the healing augment and while I do go into FFYL at times he does so much damage I can usually get out of it quick. In fact, usually when I go into FFYL I just immediately revive from whatever attack I just made. His AS has such a short CD you can just abuse ASE anointment effects 100% of the time…it’s sort of insane.

All that being said I haven’t done any Takedowns so that’s very possibly another story.


No need for survivability with the queen. Queen hasn’t taken any damage since the last update. Stay close to her. Her #1 priority is reviving Flak.

Most people seem to run into problems with the takedown but as you said at least from my experience Fl4k does plenty of damage to get right back up as well as having my pet pick me back up if I’m caught with no enemies around. All in all people just don’t like going into ffyl repeatedly which got to admit happens the most to Fl4k out of all the other vault hunters.

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I’ll never understand the hesitation about going into ffyl… It’s there for you to take advantage of. I go into it numerous times, yet rarely, if ever, die with Fl4k. They have so much dps that getting out of ffyl is near instantaneous.

For me it’s just that I hate the seemingly frequent bad timing deaths. Go into FFYL right as you kill the last enemy or when you are behind some structure and have no LOS or some other weird circumstances that seem to happen more often than I care to deal with. It’s those frustrating circumstances that make me want to avoid it.


That is part of the risk. But for me, I’d rather walk around as a glass canon than a tank that requires nothing else but pointing and shooting. That’s not fun for me. Once you play like this, you learn what can kill you and not to get stuck in situations that will give you no way out.

I totally get it but you gota admit glass cannon loses its meaning when the other VHs can do comparable if not more damage while also being tanky but, it is what it is.

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Fl4k can do insane damage, though. All VH’s, with the exception of Zane, can do insane damage without the need for a COM or Clone. His skill trees are lacking.

Exactly there is no benefit to them being a glass cannon if the other options are just as powerful. I mean I love Fl4k but, if some one where to be like I can be Fl4k who is a glass cannon or I can be Amara who does the same damage but less squishy and they pick Amara you can’t blame them.

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Flak is glass canon but he won’t go into ffyl or die.
Gamma burst, no one is targeting flak, won’t die.
3 shot not my circus Fade away, no one can see flak and won’t targeting him when out of FA, won’t die.
Rakk melee with ASS break/fill stop Gap, cutpurse elephant and puncher, won’t be out of ammo and won’t die.
All the above DPS is OP too.
Your use of builds and gears will determine flak power of survivability and DPS.

Why be a glass cannon when you can be a M1 Abrams? I love the feel of FL4K, but it is frustrating that you have to work around so many hoops to get any reliable survivability. When you could just play Zane or Amara and have it all.

Not saying FL4K can’t hang, but they are much more gear/skill oriented to compete with other VH’s in terms of survivability.

That depends on how you play. I use a 1HP build on all my VH’s, including Amara. So it doesn’t matter which character I’m playing, the survival of my VH is all on me and how I go about playing the game. The point is, you don’t need health regen or tankiness to tackle all the content there is in endgame at M10. It comes down to a matter of how you play.

I can make a tanky VH and steamroll through all the content, but that’s boring (to me). I choose to challenge myself. And I do die, a lot, but the worst thing that happens when you do is you lose money.

Some might argue that if you die a lot that only proves your lack of survivability. lol.


Come on now…lol… Unless you actually play with me or play my style, then you can’t really say that. If I can complete both Takedowns without dying, or the proving grounds, or CoS, how is that a lack of survival?

I guess I should be more clear… When I die, it’s because of a few things: 1) I wasn’t paying enough attention and I die, 2) I’m testing some new gear or tweaks to my skill tree, or 3) I made a mistake on killing all enemies then getting hit with DoT.

It depends on what players view as a ‘good player’. Does the amount of times you die in a PvE game indicate how good you are? Or how good your survivability is? If the end goal of your VH in BL3 is to be able to clear all content, then I have succeeded in my builds. Is that not the goal? Yeah, we play to loot, kill, and disrupt mayhem… but in the end, we are looking for builds that get us through the toughest content in the game.

I think you are reading way too much into what I wrote. All I did was quote what you said and you said you died a lot (without any other context). I never made any suggestion or reference to how good or skilled you are at the game. However, this was a thread about survivability so when someone says they don’t have an issue with survivability but then also says they die a lot…well I think you can see how the latter diminishes the former.

All that being said…what one person defines as good survivability is obviously subjective and context does matter. I mean playing on M4 with M10 gear and just mobbing versus doing TTD mode are vastly different exercises.

However, in general my interpretation of poor survivability is going into FFYL and/or dying excessively during normal gameplay (not while experimenting and not including mistakes/lack of attention). It’s going to happen for sure but if it’s happening constantly that isn’t very good survivability IMO unless you are purposely trying to take advantage of the FFYL mechanic with your build. I know that was a thing in BL2 with certain gear but does anyone actually do that in BL3?