Echelon and Kleese

Please…just. PLEASE don’t pick him here. PLEASE. :X

Any particular reason why not?

Considering he’s fantastic on echelon, I don’t see why not.

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Well let me shoot down that right now then :o And I mean this in a positive way not any hate towards you or anyone else.

Kleese is a giant target. In Overgrowth there is quite a bit more cover for not only him but his Energy Rifts…in Echelon that cover is almost nonexistant. Echelon is a snipers paradise because of lack of cover, and Kleese is the epitome of sniper fodder: Slow, huge hitbox, no escape, no self healing outside his rifts. Compared to the myriad of other supports, Kleese just does not even dare to compare when it comes to healing and/or crowd control.

But this is my opinion and I don’t mind it being torn to pieces either…but honestly when I see Kleese in Echelon I know I am going to either A: Ride him hard or B:Lose.

He needs a good team that can pressure the enemy. If you’ve got that, the hallways and such are so narrow that he can link across them , then drop rifts further in when anyone tries to advance. Unless they changed something recently (I know the openings on the stairs were slightly widened but that shouldn’t be a problem) he can make it damn near impossible for the other team to push.

I don’t have the match history, but probably my most dominant game on any character was Kleese on Echelon. Having said that, I don’t play him often anymore for the reasons you mention. Huge target. Low health. Etc. If the other team has more push than you on Echelon, he’s going to be in trouble.

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