Echelon Map - I need your help

So, after mastering Ambra my next closest is Attikus. I thoroughly enjoy playing as him in PvE but PVP is almost suicidal. On top of that he must win a match on Echelon which I haven’t played since the game first came out. Nobody wants to play on Echelon, not sure why because I don’t notice any real balance problems when I play it but maybe that’s the reason.

This is another appeal to the Battleborn Xbox community - can we please play Echelon at least occasionally? lol Or Gearbox if you would remove that one little requirement if there is no hope of getting people to play Echelon, cause seriously how are we supposed to do that?

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My problem with Echelon is that most of the time I can’t get over 30 FPS on the map. (And that I don’t really like Incursion that much)
Though I guess if on consoles Battleborn is capped at 30 FPS it doesn’t really matter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I still get drops below 10FPS, is that not a problem on console?

But I bet when the first few performance patches come through people will pick different maps more often.

I haven’t noticed any issues like that on it, but I will say Attikus is noticeably easier to play due to the shifting angles in the middle of the map. It’s easier as a melee character to get a little cover from being constantly shot like in Overgrowth so I’m thinking people who are used to always winning with Marquis / Oscar Mike / Thorn / Toby / ISIC will never play it because melee characters are a little more agreeable.

I really like the echelon map because it seems better for melee characters. I haven’t tried it since the latest patch but the few times we did it was just unplayable. Every time you get into an engagement the frame rate goes to hell and I kept ending up on the losing end most fights. Maybe it’s better now…

Hmm, I’ve never had a problem on Xbox with that but maybe some do, it’s just annoying because Echelon never has a chance. One person votes it and six vote Overgrowth in seconds. I’m like… these lore challenges sometimes. -____________________-

On PC, Echelon map is quite harsh for peoples with AMD GPU. Outside of that, Echelon’s map has the particularity to have the middle part in higher ground than the bases themselves. BAsicall ythe higher part is the center of the map, and it goes down twice as you walk away from this center. This results in the pressured team having a hard time to push back the attacker.
It also has several very narrow space where the fight can get easily cluttered. Lots of peoples favour ranged attacker characters right now, and this map is extremely harsh for them, especially if your team is being pushed back as the opponent has the higher ground.

I think that’s why peoples quite dislike that map.

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Precisely my thought, people are leaning more towards the shooter side which is irritating. The lore challenges just aren’t designed very well in my opinion, it’s like they wanted everyone to play every part of the game and people are just finding one niche then sticking to it. Makes it impossible to complete.