Echo themes 'Hecko-3' and 'Message from Beyond' are the same

The Echo themes ‘Hecko-3’ and ‘Message from Beyond’ are the same. Only difference is the writing is red on one and green on the other. Pah!

BH 2020 trinket, echo theme and wpn skin are the same as last year just in different colors. VH skin is last year wpn skin.

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bit of a cheap cop out donchathink?


i still don’t see the use in echo skins…

i hardly ever see it (appart from the new-u station)

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Well, there are four ways to go about the rewards of a repeating event:

  • Creating completely new rewards (which means locking away new players from getting the old ones).
  • Offering the old ones again (which aren’t interesting to old players).
  • Offering the old ones (for newer players) and new ones to aim for beyond the old reward tiers (which perhaps I would’ve preferred).
  • What they did: offering the old ones, but with a slight twist.

Honestly it’s not my favorite approach, but I don’t really care. It’s nice to have free, (marginally) new, themed activities and cosmetics.

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I’m not sure I’d consider this a use as such, but I do see it every time I hit the menu button to access my inventory/map/etc. Which means I see it more often than my character’s head!


Oh is that why some aren’t unlocking?

The writing is different so they aren’t the same lol.

The unlocking thing is just a bug I guess. The names are different they just look the same.

Why have they not fixed it??

i mean we all know that they rly didnt put any effort into this…
they didnt bugfix this thing which i think if you already reuse an event without any big or ANY changes would be number 1 on the list

they didnt add anything rly new, exept like 1 new annoint if im not mistaken

after dlc 2 going to 3 and 3 to 4 im not suprised anymore
the steam is gone
and any effort died right after dlc 2