ECHOcast Blacklisting

Is there a way for a person that did Lilith chest farming streams to regain access to ECHOcast if there’s evidence that their stream did not mainly or only consist of farming that chest. Could they regain access if there’s an agreement to no long farm that chest?

Were there any user terms against that specific chest farming or finding exploits or would they all be silently blacklisted without any prior warnings?

Are we also no longer allowed to dupe weapons in this PvE game or able find flaws or glitches without punishment?

It is against Gearbox terms of service to knowingly engage in any form of cheat or exploit. This includes usage or distribution of modded weapons, duplication of items, and so on. You agree to these terms when you first load up the game. Violating any of these terms can result in punishments from GBX which are outlined in the terms of service.

I would assume that this means no. This person is unlikely to get there access back unless they are able to come to an agreement with GBX which means they would need to figure out how to get in touch with them regarding this matter.
Honestly I have no idea what support your can use to try and resolve this. I don’t think SHIFT deals with this stuff but the individual could give it a shoot.

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I guess that’s where my confusion comes in, I am told that it’s in the Gearbox TOS but when I read it, the closest thing I see is “(8) you will not cheat or utilize any unauthorized robot, spider, or other program in connection with the Online Services”. I assuming “you will not cheat” IS the statement but i’m not seeing anything about dupes, modded weapons, reloads, read only or ect. If you could point me in that direction i’d appreciate it though!

Ya if you knowingly exploit any part of the game it is classified as cheating. Glad I could provide any form of clarification. Happy Hunting!