Echocast does not work Xbox one

does not work on Xbox, I activated everything and followed the steps but it does not work

on twitch, the extension is activated and on the live, it appears but there is not the little trick left to interact with the streamer


It will work in a couple hours, once they fully implement the patch.

It has not worked the entire time(They said it wouldn’t, as they have to make sure it worked first)

So I am trying to use the echocast extension, on xbox one, when I stream. However i get an error message saying that the extension is not installed. I have checked in game, online, and in twitch settings as well. Can anyone explain how to download/ install the extension or is it something that is automatic once I start the stream? Not that I get allot of viewers but I want them to enjoy and interact with the game and stream

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it’s been a week since it’s available and it still does not work

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I am having the same issue. I stream BL3 from an Xbox One through Streamlabs onto Twitch. I see the 3 on the right hand side and nothing else. Viewers have said the same thing. There are no live interaction buttons anywhere or any buttons that show my loadout. HHELPPP

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Not sure what happened I posted how I got it to work on xbox a little while ago but it seems it got erased. Go to twitch under apps and hit manage game. From there go to see in store. Scroll to bottom and click on twitch website. It will take you to the web browser and the twitch page. It should sign you in automatically but if your email address and user name is different, like mine is, from xbox to twitch, just sign out and back in and then go to your channel. Then go to creator dashboard. Then over to extensions. Then to extensions for games. Find the echo cast extension and click install. Make sure both accounts are linked. Then just hit ok or whatever that will let you install it. That’s it and it will be up and running. Tested it myself and it’s pretty awesome. Hope this helps

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