EchoCast issue on mobile

Heyoooo Vault Hunters,

I have been watching streamers on Twitch open red chests with the EchoCast extension. When I watch on my PC and I win, it lets me choose 1 item to be sent to me as intended, but when I watch on my Android mobile and I win, it just sends me a random item from the chest, with no screen to select the item to be sent.

Is this how it works on mobile? I assume not. I have tried the Twitch app and my phone’s Chrome browser (both mobile and desktop sites) but I can’t choose a reward.

Thanks in advance

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched on mobile, but the way it used to work is it would let you select from a list of icons with no item descriptions. You just had to leave the echocast event thing open.

They did change the layout on PC when they added the Moxxtail deal, so maybe they changed mobile around as well?

First of all, awesome name, how is Stimpy? Lol

Thanks for replying, the process and visual layout is pretty much the same on both (at least for me)

Streamer opens chest in game, EchoCast pops up with a “Join Event” button and a timer, with the number of viewers joining in displayed.

When the timer ends, it will either say that I didn’t win, or if I win (on PC) it shows me the loot in the chest and I can select one to be sent to my BL3 account.

But on my mobile if I win I don’t get that last loot select screen, it instantly just says “random item sent to inbox”

The only other thing to try is a different mobile browser, maybe Firefox as that’s what I use on PC, but I am surprised the Twitch app nor Chrome mobile seem to let me choose the loot.