Echocast issues xb1s, not sure if already existing thread

I’ve been trying to use Echocast on twitch for xbox for about 3 hours now.

I have had it installed and enabled on my twitch account and tried turning it on in the xbox one version.

When I turn it off the status says

Shift:logged in!
Streaming service, account name extension version channel title current viewer count all as N/A

when turned on it changes the streaming service briefly to: “twitch account linked” before switching to N/A and says “No extension installed” under extension version.

I have tried resetting the xbox, tried unlinking and relinking twitch and xbox from the shift account. and deactivating and reactivating the extension. I’ve tried restarting the xbox one s as well. and in the notifications it says “unexpected error while looking up twitch account shift account”

I’m at my wits end and been really frustrated that I can’t get this working.